Tune in Tuesday: I will Survive Gloria Gaynor


I consider I Will Survive to be the woman’s anthem.  Living in a house where everyone is male, including the cat, I have had many occasions to sing this song to myself, to reduce my instinct to mush them.

Yesterday, I got my period and reached into the drawer to get a tampon, to once again find the damn box empty.  There should have been half a box left over from my last period.   For those who are not aware, my boys have a habit of using my tampons as bumpers for the dinky cars. It is not uncommon to walk into their bedroom and find tampons mixed in with their toys.  I know that there are those that are cheering, because I have boys that don’t find tampons and pads to be icky but when you actually need one and they are not there, it is irritating as all hell.

I sent the unhusband to the store to get me a brand new box.  When he arrived home, I read them all the riot act.  “There is no reason for any male person in this house to be using my tampons,” I announced.  “I have absolutely had it and from now on Mommy’s tampons are off limits”.   Of course they stood there with their heads down denying that they were playing with them but I have picked up one too many tampons on the bedroom floor to believe that shit.

So yes, somehow I Will Survive.  Tampon theft is not something I anticipated having sons but this goes to show you that having children will drive you around the bend.

When do you sing this song and what memories do you have associated with it?  Please share in comments.

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