Tune in Tuesday: Bitch Meredith Brooks

When I was in my twenties, I thought that this carefree life would just go on forever.  I remember drinking like a fish and then waking up early to go to work.  I could do that shit then.  Well, along came my beautiful baby boy and the world changed.  I love being a mom but all of a sudden the carefree world that I had taken for granted suddenly disappeared.  I found myself juggling motherhood, work, being an unwife and my own personal interests.  Yeah, frustration, frustration, frustration.  My girlfriends and I created howl at the moon night where we get together dance, drink and vent to deal with the stress. This song quickly became our theme song because  because it represented the multiple roles that modern women have to play and how difficult it gets sometimes. 

Well if you are a fan of this song or it speaks to you in a particular way, let it fly in the comment section.

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