True Blood: Time Bomb

Warning: Spoilers Ahead


I already cannot wait for next week to find out what happens.  The fact that each episode ends on such a huge cliff hanger completely draws me in.

image Last night we saw a more human side of Eric when he willingly agreed to sacrifice his life for Godric and Sookie.  Eric claimed that this was not love when Sookie suggested such,  but did anyone else smell shades of homoeroticism Ann Rice style?  Proving to be an enlightened being, Godric stops the Dallas vampires from killing everyone and declares that a truce needs to be formed between humans and vampires. 

Fortunately this was an episode in which we saw very little of Jason Stackhouse. I have yet to see the reason why this character is on the show.  The brotherly love scene between him and Bill was icky actually and I can perfectly understand why he tensed up when Jason hugged him.

After being caught having sex by Bill, Jessica and Hoyt return to Bon Temps.  It is not long before they are back in bed together. I  Guess Bill need not have worried that Jessica would be a slattern. Yep, you guessed it, her hymen will continue to grow back for eternity.  In a world that already overvalues virginity and purity of women, this scene is extremely problematic.  Hoyt tries to comfort her by saying that each time will be like their first time and Jessica informs him that, that means it will hurt like hell. Yep, nothing like punishing a woman for eternity for daring to be sexual….no special decoder ring needed here for the message that the writers impart.

Poor Sam finds himself in hot water when a body is discovered in his freezer.  Proving that he does not have the luck that God gave cabbage, drunken Andy is his only witness.  As Andy rambles on about a bull, it becomes clear that Sam is going to spend some time in jail until this is all sorted out.

Lafayette tells Tara’s fortune and it seems the future for her proves to be very dark.  He speaks of a choice she has to make and I cannot help but wonder if the card that was revealed but not mentioned was the card of death? 

Eggs appears and is clearly out of sorts as he reports once again experiencing lost time. He fears that he may have done something terrible.  It seems he is beginning to be aware that he is part of a game, where the rules are hidden from the players.  They return home where they are served a heart for dinner.  As I watched Tara cut into the soufflé, I could not help but wonder what the hell would entice them to eat something that so clearly looked wrong?  The thing was obviously oozing with blood but nah, let’s just open wide and eat up.

image Unsurprisingly Tara and Eggs end up smacking each other around.  Before long their eyes are completely black and they are rolling around on the floor having sex to entertain Marianne.  That woman sure seems to enjoy having human marionettes.

Back in Dallas Godric is holding court.  Vampires stand in line to pay their respects to the 2000 year old vampire and Godric declares that Jason will always have friends in Dallas.  He continues to play the roll magnanimous vampire and pardons the human traitor Hugo, who was willing to sell them out to Fellowship of the Sun.

In the meantime Sookie is demanding answers. What the hell kept Bill and right on cue his maker Lorena shows up.  An overly dramatic cat fight occurs in which Sookie declares Bill chose her.  Even though Bill harshly whispers for her to stop, doesn’t a small part of you think he kind of likes the idea of two women fighting over him? Okay, maybe that’s just me being cynical.  Godric ends the squabble and banishes her from the territory but not before giving a long drawn out speech the fact that it is perfectly understandable that human hate vampires, when they  display such clearly evil tendencies.

Of course the show has to end with viewers wondering what happens next week and soldier of the sun patriot shows up right on time with a bomb tied to his chest with silver chains.  As he pushes the button the screen fades to black…

What were your thoughts on this episode?




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