True Blood Season Five, Episode Two: Authority Always Wins

From the moment I saw the previews of season five, with Christopher Meloni, I couldn’t wait for his first scene.  This episode we were introduced to Roman and learned a lot more about True Blood vampire lore.  It seems that not only are vampires the descendants of Lilith, they have their own vampire religion and bible. As much as I love Meloni, if the vampires are indeed descendants of Lilith, why couldn’t we have a strong woman as the leader of the vampires?

During interrogation, both Bill and Eric were quite prepared to protect each other and claim fault to save the other.  This made absolutely no sense to me.  I asked in my review of Turn!, Turn!, Turn!, I commented on their dedication because this makes no sense, given their history of antagonism and occasional moments of grudging respect and seems that they are continuing Bill and Eric’s excellent adventure.  In the end, to save their lives, Bill reveals that no only is Russel Edginton not dead, he is on the loose.  Roman is upset by Eric’s excuse of wanting Russel to suffer and threatens to stake Bill, but Bill promises to end Russel as a final act of solidarity.

This episode, we finally got to see how Eric and Pam met. I am not normally a purist, especially given that the original text was written by Charlaine Harris, however; having Pam as a madam in the early 1900’s just did not work for me. It actually makes Pam a lot younger and therefore less powerful than she is in the books and it means that she didn’t evolve into who she is, but was always jaded and hard. In the books, Pam left with Eric to avoid the restrictions placed on her as a woman.

Well, it seems that the predatory gay man is going to be the theme for this season’s True Blood.  Each year the writers seem to pick some trope to beat us to death with.  This year the trope is embodied by the closeted and predatory Steve Newlin. After admitting that being a vampire gave him the strength to go after what he really wanted, Newlin went on television to sell the idea of vampires wanting peace and unity.  When asked if he had someone special in his life, Newlin made a point of using a female pronoun.

If that were not enough, Newlin decided to crash Jessica’s party to buy Jason from her.  When he offered her ten thousand, she started to talk to him about how hard Jason’s ass is, along with his other assets. Newlin became so aroused at the thought of a naked Jason that he began to breathe hard, his fangs dropped and he got an erection.  In turn, he was belittled and laughed at by Jessica. When a fight broke out between the two, instead of punching, he actually pulled Jessica’s hair.  Is there any trope that they won’t have him live out.  What he was suggesting was horrendous and predatory but the whole situation made his attraction to Jason appear deviant and dirty.

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