True Blood Season Five, Episode One: Turn! Turn! Turn!

I am not going to do a recap this week because so much happened that I really need to talk about.  I love True Blood dearly, but it continues to fail, and in some cases fail huge.

When we last saw Jason,  Steve Newlin had shown up at his door as a vampire.  Steve glamored Jason tied him up and said that the reason he has been all murderous, is because he was jealous that Jason slept with his wife. Apparently, becoming an immortal gave Steve the freedom to admit that he is a gay American.  He then doubled down on this revelation by admitting to be deeply in love with Jason.  To his credit (a phrase I don’t normally associate with Jason) Jason said that he was flattered and said that he isn’t gay.  This was not what Newlin wanted to hear and he immediately became angry.  If Jessica had not shown up declaring Jason hers and reminding Newlin that she is the older vampire.

I loved seeing Jessica come blasting in and rescuing Jason.  It really shows how much she has evolved since becoming vampire and gaining her freedom from her restrictive family.  My excitement over seeing Jessica be powerful could not overshadow my disgust at what they did with Newlin’s character.  He decided to hate on vampires and become a fundamentalist preacher because he was a closeted gay man?  Really?  I would say that I am shocked that they literally turned him to the predatory gay male, but this is after all True Blood we’re talking about.  Despite the whining and complaining, True Blood isn’t nearly as GLBT positive as some believe.

The next night, Jason showed up at Bill’s were Jessica was having a party.  It seems to me that he only showed up there because he was rejected by Hoyt and his friends.  I love that Jessica told him that nothing had changed.  When Jessica was paying attention to another man, Jason tried to get in the middle but she was not distracted.  Seeing that he wasn’t going to get anywhere, he took off with one of the co-eds.  Jessica was clearly surprised but didn’t go after him.  I really hope that they don’t put Jessica in a serious relationship with Jason.  For his part, Jason decided to take the co-ed home rather than sleep with her because he is suddenly trying to be a good guy. 

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