True Blood: If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin?

I just loved night’s episode and it’s going to be hard for me to write about it without coming off like a complete fanpoodle.  The opening scene where Sookie broke Eric’s nose and he called her Snookie had me cracking up. For me, Skaarsgard made this entire episode.  The sweet vulnerability that he showed was absolutely magnificent and if I didn’t have a huge crush on him before, it certainly would exist after last night. Aren’t low cut hip hugging jeans a God/Goddess send? I am looking forward to an entire season of this new Eric. How could you not love the mischievous boy that he played?

Watching the relationship between Jessica and Bill was really very sweet and served to remind the viewer that Bill can care about someone beyond his special Sook-eh.  He has come a long way from the vampire who first tried to pawn Jessica off on Eric.  He took the time to give Jessica advice which he certainly did not follow in his relationship, which is to tell the truth.  Unfortunately for Hoyt, truth did not mean dealing with the consequences of the hurt.

Outside of my fanpoodling and sqweeing about how hot Eric is, I did catch the overarching theme in last nights episode – intimate partner violence.  Normally when we think of domestic violence, we think of it as a crime perpetrated by a man against a woman.  Even though women have been to known to be the perpetrators/aggressors, this is something that is rarely explored in the media.  It is further under reported, because the victim faces dealing with emasculinization from the people who are supposed to help him, and there are very limited resources in existence to deal with battered and abused men. It was an absolute violation of Hoyt’s person to be glamored. He knew that Jessica was trying to do this to him and he closed his eyes and said to her, “don’t you dare”, but she went ahead and did this anyway. This was a selfish act born completely out of power.  Even though Jessica’s facial expression indicated that she was disturbed by her action she still chose to violate Hoyt.

The other and possibly most graphic incident of the night was Crystal’s rape of Jason.  She gave him Viagra to stimulate an erection, and then forced herself on him against his will.  There was absolutely no consent given, and to top it off, she left the door open, so that others could watch him being violated.

When I went to check on the insider extras on HBO’s website, I came across a video of David Petrarca and Alan Ball discussing last nights episode.  Their comments were absolutely alarming as you can see below.

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