True Blood: Hitting the Ground

I was very relieved to find that Lorena did not meet her end with some magical power by Sookie, but a good old fashioned steak through the heart.  I did however think it was a set back for Lorena’s last words to be, “William I love you”, when she had so rightfully called him on his hypocrisy last episode –though I highly suspect that many will view this a righteous end for his creator.   Once again, it was the people all around Sookie who acted in concert to assure her desires were met.  When Tara wanted to leave Bill to die, Sookie refused to leave him.  Tara, Sookie, and Alcide wraped him in a drop clothe and placed him in the back of Alcides work truck.

This episode had quite a bit of Jason, which was enough for me to want to fade out.  Having read all of the books, I am hyper aware of what is in store for him, and yet I cannot drum up any interest in this character, and am happiest when he is not on the screen.  Proving that he has a lot in common with his sister, Jason has fixated on Crystal and will not be satisfied until he has ingratiated himself into her life.  At least Sookie’s early obsession with Bill can be explained with her drinking his blood, but no such reason exists for Jason, other than the heart wants what the heart wants.  Once again, we are treated to another display of classism in “True Blood,” when Hoyt says, “She’s from Hotshot, she’s probably named after that drug that keeps that whole town afloat.  I bet you a hundred to one, her middle name’s meth.”  Of course Jason is not willing to accept that Crystal has clearly told him to leave her alone and goes to question her cousin in jail, who promptly demands meth.  And who does Jason go to?  Everyone’s favorite Black drug dealer. 

Some may say that I don’t appreciate good ole fashioned Southern manners, but when Summer bought Hoyt, her grandmothers homemade biscuits, hand churned butter and Strawberry preserves that she picked from the church house garden, I have say inspired a well deserved snort of disdain. Can it possibly be anymore cliche than using the old adage, that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?  Hand churned butter in the year 2010, really?  Yes, this deserved much eye rolling, though it was followed by her declaring, that if he did not share her feelings that it would be his loss. Then of course, even that small caveat to the fact that we are living in the 21st century was ruined, when Jason declared, “Hoyt, this one hear is gonna make a great grand mama one day; she’s a keeper.”  Isn’t it amazing what you can learn about a woman from one bite of her biscuits? And golly gee whiz, if Summer didn’t decide to stay and spruce the place up for Hoyt.

When we last left Sam he was hot on the tail of Tommy and his parents, who he suspected had set Tommy up to take part in a dog fight.  After being stymied by someone guarding the entrance, even after declaring that “cards are for pussies” (what would and episode be without some sexism), Sam changes into a put bull and allows himself to be drawn in by some men.  He quickly returns to his human form knocking one man unconscious, releasing the dogs and sounding the alarm to chase the gamblers away. 

Sam demands that Joe Lee hand over his clothes to Tommy and says, I thought Tara had a shitty mother but you take the fucking cake.”  When Joe Lee decides to defend his wife, Sam unleashes his rage yelling, “you like making people scared huh?  Think you’re good at it?  For the life of me I can’t understand the power you got over these people, cause I see you for what you are.  You’re just a scared man with saggy underpants with no discernible life skills whatsoever”.  Sam and Tommy leave together.  I get that what Joe Lee has talked his family into doing is despicable, but he is in this position because of his poverty, and he is no more to blame for his lack of life skills, than the society that bore and failed to nurture him. From almost the first time Sam saw his family he looked down upon them, a fact which they all knew.  The Mickens are meant to relay the message that the less assets and or income one has, the less social value one possess. What they did, they did for survival and in a world that has a tendency to discard people, Sam’s continual judgment of his family is very reminiscent of our belief in meritocracy.

Unfortunately, we got very little of Eric last night.  We first see him threatening the Queen, who is in a cage.  He starts to feed on Hadley, who fearing for her life she tells him what Sookie is.  The audience is not made aware, but those of us who have read the books already know.

Back at the hospital, Tara, Jason, Lafayette stand vigil after Sookie body rejects the blood transfusion they attempted to give her.  Sookie lies close to death because in attempting to save Bill she offered him her blood and he in turn drained her almost to the point of death.Tara takes satisfaction in exposing Bill to the light but is unaware that he failed to burn from it.  Sookie is in a coma goes to this place of light, where she meets Claudine.  She tells Claudine that she cannot swim when she is invited to go into a pond and is scared of the water because that is how her parents died, and Claudine responds that they did not die that way. Claudine asks Sookie to join them and the area begins to darken causing everyone to flee.  Sookie refuses to go with Claudine stating that she doesn’t know her.  Claudine tells her not to let him and by him, I assume she means Bill put out her light.  Sookie awakes screaming.

Finally, Eric, Sophie-Ann and Russel confront the magister.  As Russel enters Eric’s dungeon he says, “Love the place. Love your vibe.  We must talk franchising later.” I have to say for me, that was the line of the night.  Russell frees Pam and begins to torture the magister who immediately beings to scream.This causes Pam to say, “you can dish it out, but you sure can’t take it magister.”  To avoid further torture he pronounces Sophie-Ann and Russell married, but still insists that this will be overturned.  Russell tells him that “there is only one law the law of nature, the survival of the fittest and we need to take this world back from the humans, not placate them with billboards and PR campaigns while they destroy it.  That is not authority, that is abdicated authority.”. Russell then decapitates the magister saying, “say hello to the true death.” I was actually expecting to hear him say, Say hello to my little friend. I suppose that is to corny for Alan Ball.

Editors note:  Please feel free to listen to my live podcast with Tami from What Tami Said about last night’s episode of True Blood this evening at 6pm EST.  For those of you that miss it, I will be posting the podcast on the blog later tonight.


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