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This was a much better episode than last week and so it left me wanting much more.  It begins with Bill showing up at Fangtasia in search of his beloved Sook-eh.   Much to my great disappointment, Ball has decided to make Bill stronger and older than Pam.  Seriously,would it kill him to have one female vampire have power over a male.  I should have known when he ruined queen Sophie-Ann not to expect more.  Anyway, Bill wants his precious Sook-eh, so he let’s Pam know that he will kill her. Not missing a beat, Pam answers back, “This is not just about your relationship you infatuated tween.”  I think this is the perfect descriptor for the angst filled romance that Bill and Sook-eh share. Bill then throws Pam against a wall and she sprays him with collodal silver. She says, “A little silver, in stock  and over priced at your neighborhood health food store.” This temporarily blinds Bill and gives Pam the upper hand, until Sook-eh appears having been freed by an angry and spurned Yvette. I suppose we are supposed to think that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

The V that Lafayette and Jesus took last episode seems to have come with a consequence.  When Lafayette looks at Jesus he see a face for which I have no words to describe.  Jesus wants to do another hit, but Lafayette is to disturbed to even consider this and he asks Jesus to leave for the night.  Later in bed, he hears his name being called repeatedly and when he enters into the living room, he sees the religious figurines talking and moving.

Poor sorry Jason is too overwhelmed to process the knowledge that Crystal is a werepanther.  He begins to tell her about his worry for Sook-eh and she tells him that everything is about him.  I could not help but think that this is something that Tara needs to tell Sook-eh.  These two have always believed that the world revolves around them and it is beyond tiring.  Jason leaves and find himself at the local football field. Proving that he is simply a dejected broken down jock, Jason attempts to intimidate Kitch Maynard, the quarterback of the Bon Temps football team, after he realizes that the kid is on V.  His threat falls flat when he learns that the V is being provided by the coach and Maynard’s parents.  What bothers Jason the most seems to be a loss of identity.

Hoyt and Jessica start to make out on Bill’s couch — and Hoyt marvels at the way her blood feels coursing through his veins, but Jessica makes him stop because she does not want any secrets between them. She tells him that she killed a trucker before she learned to control her thirst, and that she survives on human blood not True Blood.  Hoyt tells her that if she needs blood to survive, she can drink his and he takes off his shirt.  Of all the romances on this show, Hoyt and Jessica make the most sense to me, though he is at least a decade older than she is. The scene between the two of them was very steamy and it worked,  Okay I might just have to fan myself.

We find a spurned Ms. Biscuit Summer over at Maxine’s house weeping that she was rejected.  I suppose we all should have guessed that Summer’s sudden appearance was suspicious. As she whines about the fact that she does not have red hair and Jessica’s long legs, Maxine seems almost to tune her out to once again complain about how willful Hoyt is.  It seems that accepting that her baby is a grown ass man is too much for her. She tells Summer that she appreciates what she has done, but it is clear that Maxine is not done meddling in Hoyt’s love life.  I really just want to see Jessica bite this woman again; she gets on my last nerve.

Eric finds Russel in a museum looking at a painting that Talbot loved.  He wants to know why Eric killed the only man that he ever loved and Eric informs him that Talbot had to die because Russell killed his human family.  Russel responds, “My my to lose the one man that I have ever loved because you miss your mommy and daddy, now that is a kick in the pants”.  Clearly, the only grief that registers for Russell is his own. Eric knows he must act quickly because Russell has already told him that his death is imminent and so he offers him the only thing he can, the chance to walk in the daylight — making him the most powerful vampire ever.

Back at Merlott’s, Sam is once again throwing a fit.  This sudden change in Sam makes absolutely no sense. Last week we learned that he has a violent past, but it is far from clear what caused him to change his behavior so abruptly.  When Terry tries to calm him down, he orders him back into the kitchen and calls him a “shell shocked motherfucker”.  Arlene tries to put him back in his place and he attacks her and Holly saying, “you bitches do your job and shut the fuck up.”  When the two quit, he tries to force Tommy into service, handing him the pad to take down orders.  Tommy throws the pad on the ground saying that he will just remember what the orders are, ,and Sam tells him that this is not the way that things work. I think this means that Tommy cannot read.  It actually makes perfect sense given the childhood that he must have had.  Sam clearly is not thinking about that when he fires Tommy and throws him out the rental unit.  Tommy quickly apologizes and pleads saying that they are brothers and that  he does not know anyone in the area, but Sam is past caring.

Tara lays on Eggs grave full with the knowledge that Jason has killed Eggs.  She goes to Merlottes and finds Andy eating a burger.  He tries at first to make small talk with her though he is clearly uncomfortable with her presence.  She tells him that she knows that Jason shot eggs. She tells him that he is a, “dirty dirty cop.” The rage seems to leave Tara when he tells her that Eggs “was bound and determined to die,” and that Jason did not know.  I actually really felt for Andy in this scene. Even if he had told everyone what had happened, it would not have brought Eggs back, and it really was an accident on Jason’s part.  Tara sits at the bar and starts drinking as Sam is throwing everyone out.

In a car headed to who the hell cares where, Bill and his Sook-eh are chatting about starting over.  They make up this ridiclous life, where Bill teaches third grade and Sookie is a rich real estate agent.  He asks her about her attraction to Eric and she pawns it off on drinking Eric’s blood. Their little fantasy world is quickly brought to an end when Russel and Eric show up and stand in the middle of the road forcing them to stop.

Back at Merlottes, Sam and Tara exchange  their drunken sorrows regarding how misunderstood they both are.  Sam feels that people think he is so nice but then take advantage of him — and that no one really knows him.   Tara points out that everyone views her as the angry Black woman — to the point of hiding the good china when she visits. Sam invites her back to his dirty trailer and Tara answers simply, “yeah lets fuck.”  Alan Ball always seems to feel the need to put these two together when they are having difficulties in their life.  It bothers me because Tara has had so much negative happen to her, it just seems like Sam is sort of punishing himself with her.  She is not good enough when times are good for him, only when times are rough.

Arlene takes the opportunity to engage in a ceremony with Holly that she hopes will rid her of Rene’s baby.  Holly tells her that if the baby is meant to be born that there is nothing that they can do about it.  She goes home and Terry wakes her because her lower half is covered with blood.  Terry is distraught because he believes it is his fault she lost the baby, because Arlene continued to work.  His sorrow is quickly turned to elation when the doctor informs them that Arlene is still pregnant.  I do not like this story line in the least.  Maude had an abortion in the 70’s.  I fail to see how on an HBO show, Arlene somehow cannot abort a child that she clearly does not want.  The whole thing smacks of moralizing abortion.  When this is coupled with the fact that female characters have been much abused and victimized this season, I think this is just one more example of the fact that in the True Blood universe, women are powerless.

Bill, Russell, Eric and Sookie return to fangtasia.  Eric and Bill stage a fight and Eric tells him that he has a plan.  Eric tells Russel that Sookie is a fae human hybrid and that drinking her blood will allow him to walk in the sunlight.  Russel scoffs at the idea, but says that if Eric agrees to go first, that he is willing to try. Eric and Russel drink from Sookeh. Eric begins to walk around the Fangtasia parking lot, pleading that they don’t notice that he is already begining to burn.  Russell leaves to join him in tears because it has been thousands of years since he was able to see the sun.  When he joins Eric, he realizes that he has been tricked and tries to flea, but Eric handcuffs himself to Russel thus blocking his escape.  Eric tells him, “Be brave, we’ll die together”. This is hardly the cliffhanger that it should have been because we know that there is no way that Eric is going to die, and there is to much of the season left for Russel to meet the true death.

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