True Blood: Evil is Going On

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I don’t know about you, but Sunday nights just will not be the same without True Blood.  Last night’s episode, opened with Eric and Russel chained together with silver lying in the sun. We were treated to another great guest appearance by Godric, who tells Eric to let go of all of the pain and that peace follows death. Bill revives Sookie, who goes out to save Eric after slapping Bill for his betrayal of her.  It’s about time she got sick of the whole I had to deceive you to protect you routine. When she cannot break the bond between the two, Russell tells her to use her powers.   She drags Eric in and allows him to feed on her, but when he announces his attention to get Russel because of what Godric said, Pam answer, “do the world a favour and let the fuck fry”. Sookie drags Russel into Fangtasia, where Eric tells her not to stake him before going to bed with Pam and Bill.

Sam makes breakfast for Tara, who is pleasantly surprised to see him in the kitchen. She comments that she never gets a good night sleep with Sam, because he is always barking in his sleep.  When Sam tells Tara what he is, she is repulsed saying isn’t that the kind of thing you’re supposed to tell someone before you sleep with them.  Sam apologizes, but makes it clear that he is done hiding who he is.   When Tara talks about wanting a re-boot, Sam tells her that it is possible, she just has to keep moving so that her past does not catch up to her.  It is clear by the end of the episode that Tara is going to take a journey.

Will  Maxine ever leave Hoyt alone?  When she staged the intervention with little Miss do you want to taste my biscuits Summer, I was certain that Hoyt’s happiness does not matter to her, his obedience does. She rounded up his old high school guidance counselor to inform him that he needs to choose life and leave Jessica.  Hoyt made it very clear that Jessica was who he wanted and that Maxine needed to accept that or stay out of his life. Later, alone with Jessica in the new apartment that Hoyt has rented, for the two of them he tells her that he wants to marry her even if he has to get a licensee online and do it himself.  As the two dance the camera pans in on what seems to be a doll in one of the spare bedrooms.

I suppose I have to mention Jason, who to my great disappoint was not killed off this season.  Egged on by Crystal, Jason attempts to find out when the DEA is going to raid Hot Shot.  Andy warns him not to intervene if he has any hope of becoming a cop, but Jason rushes head first with the belief that love will save the day.  Once at Hot Shot, Calvin orders everyone to ditch the V and hide the meth equipment.  Felton arrives in a rage to save the V and shoots Calvin dead in the face.  Let me say right here, that this really upset me. What Alan Ball did to the character of Calvin was terrible to begin with, but to see him cut down like that really was unacceptable.  Felton threatens to kill Jason and so Crystal leaves with him, but only after Jason promises to look after her people. I know that Harris mentions inbreeding in the book at Hot Shot, but I must say, to see them look right out of Deliverance was a shock.

Tied to a pole with silver, Russel begins to bargain with Sookie. He says, “I will give you my word that I will not harm you or anyone you love.”  To which Sookie informs him, that his word is worth “as much as tits on a turtle”.  That I have to say is a new one for me, I am far more familiar with the phrase tits on a bull.

Russell tells her, “It may not be me, but someday some vampire is going to rip you open to get at the essence inside you. There is no way around that.  You don’t know what it is to drink your blood.  It is paradise; arcadia, nirvana, Do you even know what your blood is capable of?  I am surprised that Mr Compton has shows such restraint.  He is either a true gentleman or very very smart. Sookie grabs the liquid silver and squirts it in his face.   When Sookie realizes that Russell has been carrying around Talbot’s remains with the hope of reviving him with her blood, she pores them down the garbage disposal. Poor Talobot, once again someone is taking out their rage against Russell on him.

Andy sits alone at his desk with a vial of V.  It is clear that he is contemplating taking it when the DEA walk in with Jason in handcuffs. Andy is angry, as he feels that Jason betrayed him, but Jason informs them that the issue is larger than it appears.  To Jason, it is about people who cannot take care of themselves.  This is yet another class faux pas by Ball.  The constant infantilization of the people of Hot Shot, because of their poverty is not sympathetic or acceptable.

Lafayette shows up early at Merlottes to make clam chowder, but he sees a vision that scares him when Sam opens the door.  When he gives over an order of crawfish and corn on the cob (didn’t that just make your mouth drool btw) to Arlene, he sees Rene wrapped around her.  In a panic, he calls Jesus, sure that he is becoming like his mother – schizophrenic.  Jesus soothes him and promises to be there soon.  When he arrives Jesus tells Lafayette, “I think that you just opened up something inside you.  You’re just more sensitive now”.  Lafayette learns that Jesus is a witch but he reacts well to this and says that he got lucky.

Alcide shows up to help Sookie stand guard over Russell and to await Eric’s instructions after being told that this will clear his family’s debt. He tells Sookie that everyone is fine but that Debbie Pelt is missing.  He does not seem really sad about this becauuse he flirts heavily with Sookie.  Russell does not help his game because he reminds Sookie that as nice as Alcide is, he is not human.

Sam makes up with a crying Terry who just feels so blessed with his life.  He then walks into Tommy’s apartment to find out why he has not answered his phone.  He walks from room to room and realizes that Tommy has left.  It then occurs to him tp check his safe at Merlottes, and he realizes that Tommy has cleaned him out.  Sam grabs a gun and goes after him.

Bill secretly grabs a pair of gloves before leaving with Alcide, Russell and Eric.  They end up at Alcide’s family construction site, where they proceed to bury Russell in concrete.  I have to say that this surprised me because I really did expect Russell to die this episode, but I suppose that because he has become such a fan favourite, they wanted to leave room for him to return.

Bill then extends his hand to Eric, and then throws him into a pit covering him with concrete.  He then calls one of Eric’s assassins and demands that he kill Pam.  Bill goes over to Sookie’s were he once again confesses his love and claims that everyone that knows about her has to die, because that is the only way to protect her.  How romantic eh?  Fortunately, Eric shows up to set the record straight and informs Sookie that Bill sought her out on direction of the Queen and then allowed her to be beaten half to death so that he could feed her his blood.  Sookie finally recognizes Bill for the douche that he is and revokes his invitation.

Sam chases his brother and catches up with him in the woods.  Tommy tells him that he is vulnerable and cannot read, but Sam does not care and tells him to get a job.  Once again, Sam does not understand how class has affected Tommy, but he is too busy praising himself for saving Tommy to see the truth.  Tommy turns to run in the belief that Sam will not shoot him, but Sam raises his weapon and fires leaving the audience to wonder if he followed through and shot Tommy in the back.

Back at Bill’s, the Queen arrives to see Sookie.  Bill informs her that Sookie is not there and challenges her to a fight because he “nothing left to lose”.  Sookie runs through the graveyard and lays crying on her gandmother’s grave about her broken heart.  The fae appear and Sookie disappears with them.  For a season finale, I have to say that none of this left me wondering what was going to happen next. I will say that once again Ball did a terrible job when it came to portraying class but all and all, it was a pretty uneventful episode.


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