True Blood: Everything is Broken

For the very fist time we see Eric panicking when he flies into Fangtasia after staking Talbot.  I was personally shocked by this, because Eric has always been in control no matter the situation and this means that he was overcome with emotion when he sought revenge.  Watching Russell desperately clinging to Talbots remains shows that despite the bickering there was love between these two.  After watching Talbot’s histrionics for weeks, I was somewhat reassured to see that there did indeed exist a true love relationship between the two.  To some degree it helps to mitigate the circumstances of his death at the hand of Eric.

Unfortunately for Eric, he is stopped from making his escape to human quarters by Nan Flanagan.  He is forced to tell the details of what transpired over the last few days to “the authority” via live video streaming.  It seems that the death of the magister did not go unnoticed.  Nan does not believe Eric, because Russell just made a rather large donation — proving that no matter the realm, money talks.

The last episode ended with a steamy sex scene between Sookie and Bill and so of course they have to clean up (read: fuck like rabbits in the shower).  Beyond the sex this is an interesting scene, because their blood, as well as the werewolf blood is shown by the camera to be washed away.  It reads like some sort of re-birth or cleansing of their relationship.  This moment of passion does not last because Sookie quickly realizes that once again her house is a mess and there is a dead body lying on the floor. She finally questions Bill about the secret file that he created on her and he responds,  it was because he wanted to know why Eric is so interested in her.  It was for her protection.  Thankfully Sookie does not bat an eye and says, “Okay see, I don’t know how you do things in the 1800’s, but keeping a file on the woman you love is creepy.”  Well it is about time she acknowledged his must protect Sookie, creeptastic nature.  This is not romantic. This is the stuff stalkers are made of. I hope you took a hint Stephanie Meyer. She follows with, “You have to stop thinking of me as a thing to be protected.  I’m not afraid to spill a little blood anymore.  I took care of Debbie Pelt by myself.” I think the most important word in that exchange is thing.  Sookie is asserting her autonomy and her unwillingness to simply play damsel in distress.

I dare you to say that Jesus didn’t look fabulous in that robe.  I swear, I just want to yell squee every time those two share a scene.  Ball seems to be going out of his way to show that what Lafayette and Jesus have is a blossoming romance.  This evident by the conversation in which Lafayette makes it clear that he is not expecting Jesus to do the walk of shame, now that they are finished having sex. There is real chemistry between these two men and it was very obvious when Lafayette leaned over to kiss Jesus’s tattoo.  It is however becoming painfully obvious that no matter how much tenderness Ball injects in the scenes that they share, he is unwilling to shoot their sex scenes with the same kind of candor that heterosexual couples have engaged in.  Each time they begin to beome intimate, it shifts to a different scene.  Consider that ball had no problem showing a naked Sookie straddling Bill in a sex scene last week. Also, don’t even think to bring up the sex between Eric and Talbot, because that ended in Talbots death — almost making it seem like there is a price for two men having sex.

Early the next morning Jesus prepares to leave with Ruby.  She comments that Lafayette does not have his mask on and that she can see her son shining through.   Ruby then asks if Jesus is responsible, and Lafayette says yes.  Her response is classic, “I’ll be damned, I guess God loves fags.”

I suppose I have to mention this, those that actually like Jason.  He goes home to find Crystal being held against her will by Felton.  When Jason accidentally drops his gun, Fleton presses him up against a wall and Crystal proceeds to hit Felton over the head with it, knocking him unconscious.  They drive him up to a secluded  area and put a vile of V in his pocket.  After calling the cops they leave.  In the morning Jason brings Crystal to the police station, where he learns that Andy considers what happened to be an ambush, because the cop who answered the call was “smashed like a pinata”.  Leave it to Jason to escalate the situation.  He informs Andy that they are now dealing V in HotShot.  I have to say once again, the way the characters from HotShot are being treated is completely different from the book and it is extremely painful to watch.

Sookie gets a call from Hadley asking her to meet at the aquarium in Monroe.  Once there she learns that Hadley has had a relationship with the vampire queen.  She also meets her nephew and discovers that he can hear people’s thoughts just like her.  Hadley gets very upset with this knowledge, grabs her son and says she has to leave to protect him. 

One of the most interesting conversations of the night happens between Holly and Arlene, after Arelene runs off crying when she learns that Tommy has stolen her tips. Arlene admits that the child is carrying does not belong to Terry and that the father – Rene was evil.  When Holly asks Arlene if she wants the baby, she says no.  She did however reject the offer of support during an abortion saying it was, “wrong, plain wrong.”  I certainly believe in a woman’s right to choose, but the very idea of Arelene choosing to have the child of a serial killer, that she did not want did not sit right with me. I highly suspect that as with all television drama, they will solve the problem by letting her character have a miscarriage.  Really, heaven forbid a woman actually choose abortion on television, no matter how terrible the circumstances are.

Bill wakes up  and feels water dripping into his sleeping area.  When he gets up, he realizes that he can tolerate the daylight, and that his clothing is all white. Claudette once again appears and immediately assumes that Bill has killed Sookie, because she can she her light within him.  When he says that Sookie is safe and that he loves her, he is told to leave her alone because they will protect her. On a ridiculous aside, Moyer may have to suck in his gut every time he takes his shirt off, but he does have beautiful feet.

Alone in a room together Pam and Eric await their fate.  Eric does not want Pam to take the blame for what happened, while Pam so clearly finds the situation surreal. We learn that Pan has been with Eric a hundred years (book readers groan) and she is surprised that he did not share his burden with her.  Of course in typical Eric fashion he says, “You didn’t need to know.  What good would it have done to share my pain with you? I am not weak. I was the sole survivor.  The burden is mine alone” He finishes by telling her, “If I cannot go on, you must make a new vampire.  It is your time to be a maker.”  Before this scene, the story has only ever hinted at the close relationship between Eric and Pam and now we can see that there is actual love between them. When Nan returns, they are told that they have permission to kill Russell — but it will be completely off the books, without any sort of aid from the officials.

Back at Merlottes, Jessica learns that Hoyt cannot stand his new girlfriend and is just going through the motions.  I suppose, seeing her biscuits wasn’t as great as it first seemed. Crystal learns about the impending raid and tells Jason that they have to warn everyone.  She tells Jason that “there are folks up there that don’t touch the drugs.  And they’re kids they don’t know nothing else.  You can’t send them into the system”. This is a great piece of commentary regarding the way in which the poor are often shepherded into the penal system. 

When Calvin enters Merlotts, Jason immediately confronts him.  Sam gets between the two and tells Calvin to leave. Jason walks out the door expecting Calvin to follow him, but instead Calvin confronts Sam.  When Calvin turns his back to talk to Crystal, Sam grabs a bottle and smashes it over Calvin’s head.  He begins to beat Calvin, saying who is a pussy and calling him a fucker.  Crystal begs for help and when she tries to intervene, Sam throws her across the room.  Finally, Jason and Hoyt manage to pull an engaged Sam off of Calvin.  This kind of rage is absolutely new from Sam.  Against Jason’s wishes, Crystal hops in the truck to go with her father to hospital, telling him that she does not want to be controlled.  Once again this is a very woman positive moment.

Vampire Cromwel aka Franklin separates Tara from everyone and tells her that if she loved him at all, she would have mourned him.  Tara makes it clear that she never loved him saying, “Come on, if you are going to fucking kill me, kill me.  You wanna hear me beg for my life, is that it?  It’s the only thing y’all can feel, the destruction of life, ’cause you ain’t got none in you.  You sick motherfucker.  I won’t give you the satisfaction”. When they are interrupted by Jason, who is brandishing a rifle, Franklin informs him that he is a vampire and will heal from every single shot.  Jason responds by shooting his gun which contains a wooden bullet, causing Franklin to explode in a mess.  I suppose Jason does occasionally have his uses.

Bill shows up at Sookies and tells her that he knows what she is.  In the limo, Nan is on the way to the airport when Russell appears on screen.  He kills the anchor and tells the audience, “In the end we are nothing like you.  We are immoral because we drink the true blood.  Blood that is living organic and human. And that is truth the AVL wishes to conceal from you because let’s face it, eating people is a tough sell ..make no mistake mine is the true face of vampire”.  Talk about throwing down the gauntlet.  I have to say I absolutely love Russell’s character.  He is larger than life and truly the best villain on the show so far to date.

What did you think about last night’s episode.  Love it, hate it?

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