Tori Spelling The Gay Hoarder

You ever see something that just makes you say hell naww, but find yourself struggling to come up with the words to describe just how sick it makes you?  Well speechlessness is never usually a problem for me, but somethings just defy words.

It’s bad enough that A&E exploits hoarding for profits, but to turn it around and make this series into a spoof as a commentary on straight women who collect gay bff’s is ridiculous.  Hoarding is a very serious issue and it had in many cases destroyed families.  Children raised in these situations sometimes become hoarders themselves because this is all they see.  From people collecting rats, to houses falling apart and bags filled with human excrement the show hoarders is meant not to inspire empathy with the people who have this condition but for us to gawk and judge.  If this were not the case the rat hoarder would not have been saved for the season finale.

This little spoof wasn’t even successful with the comment that it was trying to make because the gay men involved were reduced to trite stereotypes.  Really gays in a wall building a disco and men in a closet clutching shiny gold purses?  I don’t even know what to say to this.  Finally, telling Tori at the end that she could keep one gay, reduces gay men to possessions and I don’t care that Clay Aikeen was her prize for riding her life of the gays.

Yeah, in a word sick.  I cannot believe that this was supposed to be funny.

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