Too Many Gays In New York

I have a little confession to make..I am nosey. I eavesdrop on peoples conversations quite a bit.  Yesterday while attending a private function I had the displeasure of hearing two acquaintance of mine in conversation.  One asserted his desire to travel to New York City..A wish I completely understand as N.Y is image my second favourite  city.  The other acquaintance lowered his voice and responded, “you don’t want to go to New York there are too many fags there.” Due to the nature of the gathering I was not able to publicly give this man the verbal thrashing that he deserved but I did give him a very scathing look which I know imparted my displeasure with his commentary.

Too many fags…I personally believe that there are too many intolerant fundie oxygen thieves but I tolerate their existence.  Upon reflecting on this conversation one of the things that I could not let go of is the fact that he knew with a certainty that what he was saying was not only homophobic, it was wrong.  I know this because he took the time to lower his voice before speaking.  What do you do with someone who knowingly promotes bigotry?  

How does someone else’s sexuality become threatening to another?  Heterosexual panic is partly based in the fallacy that all gay people find all straight people attractive.  If I am sitting next to a lesbian, it does not mean that she will find me attractive  just because we possess the same body parts. Just as hetero people have a “type” of person that they find sexually attractive so to do gay people.  It is hetero arrogance to believe that appropriate body parts necessarily means that another finds you attractive in this way.  This is a part of the don’t ask, don’t tell theory.  Yeah if same sex people work together and someone happens to be gay they will be overcome with desire, and this will lead to a distraction…in a word BULLSHIT.  I am straight and do not drool over every man I come across.  There are often times when I look at man and think not even if he were the last one on the planet, and all of the dildos and vibrators magically disappeared  would he be invited into my bed, and gay people think the same way. Dear overly panicked straight people, there is no need to fear….you may not be as hot as you think that you are.


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