Today is Transgender Day Of Remembrance

TDOR is not a day of celebration, it is a day to reflect upon all the people that have been lost because of hate and ignorance.  Trans people are seen as disposable and trans people of colour are particularly vulnerable.  Each year I write a post on this day, but this year I have decided that the best way to be an ally is to be silent.  Cissexism means that cis people live in privilege. It also means that our voices are the dominant.  All to often, cis people are put into a position to speak on behalf of trans people, even though trans people are more than capable of speaking for themselves.  I believe that part of being an ally is knowing when to be silent and when to speak. On a day such as TDOR, the voices that should be heard are those of the trans community. I have not always been a good ally, but I hope that my silence and my support of the trans community, will help to bring attention to the violence that trans people face.  Today, I will be publishing posts by trans people regarding how they feel about TDOR, please be respectful, listen, and think before you respond.

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