Time to Gloat

I am sure you Americans are probably still trying to forget the way that the Cannuck men and women owned Olympic hockey.  Before the games, I warned everyone that this was our game being played in our house, but still many unrealistically got their hopes up (yeah I’m talking to you Monica).  We all know how that ended don’t we. 

The world juniors are currently being played in Buffalo N.Y.  Last night team Canada played the U.S.  Can you guess what happened?  Go on guess.  Well, team Canada once again opened up a beaver loving can of whoop ass and defeated team USA 4-1.  I guess y’all didn’t see much by the dawns early light eh? We didn’t even have to call on the Canadian geese to do a fly by poopie. LOL


I have been saying for a longtime that this is our game, but after beating you on your home turf again, I trust the point has been made.  We may be peace loving,  moose dodging, socialist, beaver loving, pinko pot heads, but we play a mean game of hockey!  Yeah, I’m saying woot there it is — woot there it is! While we are guaranteed a silver medal and will be playing Russia for the gold, you Americans now have to fight for a bronze.  Hopefully you will still make the podium, but either way, we will be sure to wave.

Editors Note:  For those who are about ready to complain about the extreme overt nationalism in this piece, I would like to point out that as a Black Canadian, I am re-claiming an identity often denied us by claiming our hockey victories.  Mainstream hockey has long been seen as the preserve of Whiteness and I say that birth certificate is as blue as anyone else and I can cheer right alongside any other Cannuck.

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