Tim Wise on BlackinITUP

I am normally not a fan of promoting the work of White anti-racists, because I feel that the profit from the very racism that people of colour are forced to endure each day.  They are granted expert status, while we are constantly questioned about the validity of our lived experience.  Tim Wise, who have had issues with in the past, sat down with Elon James White, L. Joy Williams and Aaron Rand Freeman, to promote his latest book and talk about race relations in 2012, and the ever evil and backward Ron Paul.

Please be forewarned that Wise does make a troubling analogy regarding survivors of abuse victims but has acknowledged the problematic nature of his commentary on twitter.

Editors Note:  I apologize for the lack of a transcript, but my fibro is flaring again, and I simply cannot do a 40 mins transcript today.

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