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I discovered a great new site entitled The Asian Economist.  He has a post up called Ten Ways To Piss The United States Off. I highly suggest you go and check it out.   I am sure the title pretty much makes it clear that it is a satirical polemic, however I feel that there is much to be gained from reading such work.

One of the constants in the American psyche is that evil always exists outside the borders.  Not only is America the land of baseball and apple pie, it is the land where goodness and righteousness are a constant.  Americans invade countries for the sake of freedom and hey if they happen to be able to build a pipeline or have  greater access to oil, it is all just a happy accidental windfall.  Why can’t the backward Iraqis, and Afghanis realize that all of the death, and destruction is for their own good.  Americans are after all sending soldiers which they recruited in impoverished neighbourhoods to secure their freedom. Aaah freedom the greater justifier of some of the worst atrocities in this Middle Eastern debacle.  As soon as these people realize what is good for them they will be swigging coca cola and gorging on Big Macs.  Who knows maybe they will even hit the trifector and Walmart will start to open big box stores so that they can be suitably civilized Westernized.  Thank God for the red, white, and blue, we might all be swinging from trees where it not for American intervention.

Another salient point that The Asian Economist makes is about  torture and human rights abuses.  These are things that happen only on the dark continent, backward sands of the middle east, or in the anathema of the western world, China.  Of course this ignores the torture of the political detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  It further means that human rights must be kept to a very narrow definition.  I happen to believe that it should be a human right that everyone should have access to health care, education, housing, food and water but that would mean a better a division of assets.  What would the Paris Hiltons of the world do if they could not live in the lap of luxury while school children go without breakfast.  Yet these facts are not ignominious, no they represent the bonuses of living in a country where supposedly the cult of meritocracy is for the good of all.  As long as the finger is pointed outward instead of inward the white hat role of the good guy will always be played by an American.

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