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Trigger warning for various forms of evil

Hello everyone.  It’s been awhile since I have shared with you some of the ridiculousness that I forced to wade through each day to moderate this space and keep it as safe as possible for everyone.  Once again, I am going to publish some of the comments that did not make it onto the blog for various reasons.  Please select the one that you find to be the most heinous and if you are up to it after wading through the muck, please share in the comment section why you picked who you did.  I know that some of these will be difficult to read but I feel it is important to understand why viewing isms in the way that these commenters do is extremely problematic.

 eszesae on Morrissey, Sub-Species and White Vegans

This guy is clearly extremely, violently racist and White supremacist. To refer to a race as a ‘subspecies’ is outrageous.

However, the Chinese are generally a sadistic nation, and I think it’s quite remarkable (in terms of being itself violent, speciesist and uncompassionate) to refer to the torture and killing of animals — including their being skinned alive, crushed to death etc. — as ‘meat practices’ because the people engaging in it are non-White. Not only is this not just for meat, but it’s not just about benign ‘practices’ any more than Morrissey’s statement was racially egalitarian or respectful. The torture of animals is completely unacceptable, and people like you (Renee) are part of the problem, by dismissing torture as a ‘cultural practice’.

This post has shown that although you are sensitive to race and a handful of other issues, you’re practically psychopathic when it comes to animals. You are in relation to animals much worse than what Morrissey is in relation to the Chinese. Hurting people’s feelings is not as bad as skinning them alive, but I wouldn’t expect a morally retarded ‘person’ like you to understand that. So basically: fuck you, you stupid bitch.

Oh, and just to provoke you further, I’ll use your favourite words: lame, blind, retarded, crazy, deaf, dumb and crippled. Hope you get a good triggering out of those words ;).

Robot Brother on: Go Ahead Say Nigger

I say stop being a bunch of fucking pussies and get over it.

IF the word bothers you, then you install truth into the meaning of the word. The people that give the word nigger power are the blacks themselves…imo, fuck em.

Marie on: Canada Smacks Down PeTA and Pamela Anderson

As a feminist, I don’t think wearing the dead skin of another living creature all over my body sounds very much like a status symbol. I’d like to be above what the women of the past did. I’d like to continue to vote, continue to have equal rights and continue to be my own person–and to move forward in society. Enough with the bogus “racism” call-outs. But I guess if you and your “womanist musings” (which by the way, that’s not even a real word…don’t know if you know that or if you were just attempting to be witty) want to be just like all those women of the past and start to regress to that time, go right ahead. I know I’ll be expressing views about real feminist issues and not falsifying information about organizations that I clearly know nothing about. 

Gofuckyourself on: Shoot The Illegal Immigrant

Thanks for the link to shoot illegal soulless fucking spics, you really are pretty awesome you dumb fucking whore.

Heretics Crusade on: The Illegal Hijab

Are you aware of the growing number of honor killings, and the growing prevalence of FGM HERE in the States?
I have no problem with the hijab, but the burka and niqab are unacceptable in Western society… unless you can show me how to prove that his woman CHOSE while that woman was forced or intimidated into wearing them!
Would you allow a CHristian “patriarchal type” to keep his women uneducated, ignorant of their human rights and secuuled as all but prisoners in theri home, not even allowing aview of their face; ever wondered how easy it is to abuse your wife when no one outside the household EVER sees a square inch of her skin?
Unless you can apply your standard to Mormons, Christian, Catholics, Hindus and others you are just engaging in self deception.
Wow, such a callous response! Are you seriously equating anything that the mainstream western woman has dealt with in two generations with the daily prison of sexim that Muslim and traditionalist Hindu women live in?
Are you unaware that ALL “feminist” changes in society worldwide as they affect the daily lives of women worldwide is WESTERN in origin?
Inform me of the major feminist facor that did NOT originate in the West? Name the culture that had BETTER relations with it’s women before the evil colonialist Westerners forced them to treat them marginally better than their cattle.
Who did you come up with? The only ones I can think of are the Polynesians, but then they used to gather up the young men and sail off to the next island and beat on the locals with clubs studded with obsidion; for SPORT… so I guess they do not qualify as your Matriarchal paradigm now do they?

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