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We have not done one of these for quite some time.  The spam section of the blog is getting full and so I thought it would be great to once again everyone a sneak peek at some of the hate speech that passes for a comment.  As usual you will find that some of these can be quite triggering because they are racist/sexist/disableist/homophobic/transphobic, so please think carefully before reading.  When you are done, please share which comment you chose as the absolute worst and why.

 Is this the trash feminism has degraded into? A bunch of breeders bitching? Got dayum, mutha funkas, get off yo azzez and do something positive for a change. All yall sound like is a bunch of fat heffers hating on white women. Hateful negative biotches. No wonder you spend all yo tyme on the internet, ain’t no one real gonna indulge this whiney complaining. As a proud feminist who also happens to be black, you are an embarrassment to me. I don’t spend my tyme hating on women because I’m not an ignorant bytch looking to cut down white women out of jealousy of how they look. Then again I ain’t ugly so that might have something to do with it. I find some “sisters” who ain’t sisters at all, they just sisters in their ability to hate on white women, are unsatisfied with themselves and racist. Sorry but this shiz is just good old fashioned racism. Look in the mirror and face who are you because what you are is ugly. Stop acting like you are a slave, it’s tiresome. This garbage is nothing but envy of white women. You are of course blind to your envy but it’s rather obvious to anyone who isn’t a nasty racist like you. 

Booohoooo “I have Fibromyalgia” ….talk about angry black tears. Just like your miserable racist rants you have fake diseases which are basically due to the fact that you are miserable racist and that brings physical pain on your body that you no doubt neglect due to the time that you spend bullying white women. What that is called, is Karma. Your envy and hostility is a boomarang. You aim to hurt white women but you only hurt yourself. There is nothing at all genuine in what you say, it’s nothing but racisit bullying. You pick on white women because you think they are weak prey for your hostile ghetto style assaults. Trash.

Hey on Where the Disabled are not Welcome

25,000$. That’s what I guy I know will have to pay to give access to the toilets so you can shit. You are welcome.

Wes on The Privilege of Just Being a Person: Whiteness and Race Anxieties

It is funny how blacks do the same when I call them out on their obvious black privilege, or their hypocritical views on racism when they don’t even have to think for minute before they utter racial slurs that they somehow themselves have deemed acceptable, when they get upset(the black privilege of defining what is and isn’t racism, even changing the definition of a word that we made up ourselves). 

that is because white people have been taught that being ‘white’ is boring and worthless, so when your white coworkers talk to you, they figure you are equally as worthless as they are as a fellow white person, but when they talk to a black person, they have to have ‘soul’.

YOUMISOGYNISTRACIST on Stop Denying White Female Privilege

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. I call myself a womanist becuase I’m a racist bitch. I’m mad I’m ugly and white girls were prettier than me in High School. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I spend my entire adult life attacking white women every chance I get waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I pass my resentment on to my children waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

You are the single most misogynist fuck on the internet.

A miserable hateful cunt.

Guess what?

No matter how much you attack women on your shitty blog, the only women that pay attention to you are the idiot feminists that you bully. Because YOU are NOTHING more than a BULLY. Stop trying to hide behind the faced that you want equality. What YOU want to is spend your miserable rotted days on this planet doing is BULLYING WHITE WOMEN on the internet like the coward pussy that you are. YOU have absolutly ZERO ability to do anything positive in your life because you are wrecked by youre ENVY and JEALOUSY of WHITE WOMEN.  


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