This Week In Blackness: The “How To” Guide on Scaring White People

AThe GOP and the Tea Party has been using race to attempt to encourage white fear as they cultivate the White vote.  Elon James White breaks it down and keeps it so real, I just had to share with you.


Hi my name is Elon James White and you are now watching this week in Blackness.  (sign: step 1 make them feel like a Negro)  What is going on folks?  We back episodeA 7 season three of This Week in Blackness. And we have no alienated out sponsor yet so that’s a win our corner you know what I mean.  I can’t say about this week but let’s see what happens, mmm shall we? SO uh, I’ve been thinking cause last weeks episode you know was called “The Blackest Summer Ever” and I was wondering why are we so covered in race right now?  Like why can’t we get out of this racial hole that the country seems to be in?  Perhaps the country really is ready for that national conversation about race that we need so badly.  (a big red x appears on the screen along with a loud buzzing sound) Umm maybe people are just tired of the mystery and they finally want to know why the caged bird sings. (Big x appears on the screen followed by a loud buzz) That doesn’t even make sense.  Perhaps the reason that race is raining down upon us is because the right wing has realized that that’s the best way to scare White voters.  (winner appear on the screen in green and is flashing with a ding ding sound)  Blacks, I am not talking about all White voters.  Okay there’s a lot of White voters out there that are supper liberal and they’ll march, and write letters and they’ll chain themselves to shit.  I had to be sure to clarify this, otherwise there would be a bunch of white voters that would be really pissed at me and they would start marching, and writing letters and chaining themselves to shit.

The White voters I am talking about are the middle of the road White voters.  The White voters who don’t necessarily dislike Negros but they probably don’t a lot of them you know.  They’re probably not jumping up and down for the opportunity to go have lunch with them. Which really, you probably should – Black people brunch hard okay. Okay it is like not a game.  Have you been to a Black brunch?  There is like live music, there is a like a sick buffet there’s like church hats.  It’s fucking awesome. So now the Republican news and media outlets are painting this crazy picture you know; Obama is racist, he is putting the rights of White working class citizens aside.  Blacks people are getting preferential treatment.  And if you say dumb shit enough, eventually people will start to believe it.  Prime example, Sarah Palin’s entire career.  I know, I know, I sound like some big liberal democrat and the fact is I don’t consider myself a liberal.  I consider myself anti-evil but as of late it seems that that particular stance falls under the liberal banner – who knew?  The GOP is playing the race card in hopes for a winning ticket in 2010 mid term election.  You don’t believe me, look at what Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are trying to do.  They’re try to paint president Obama as really really Black.  Obama – really Black.  Yeah, yeah Obama he’s super Black Blackity Blackity Black.  He’s so Black he barely acknowledges his race at all.  That’s how Black he is. That’s when you scary Black son.  When you don’t ever mention it; that’s how you know you scary Black.  When you try to govern from the middle, man that is some scary Black shit.  They have him down.  He’s about to fire Rahmn Emmanuel and hire Jay Z son – haha on to the next.  But that’s the plan you know, to scar what voters.  Tell ‘em that they’re not even going to be able to vote soon because there’s scary Black panthers that are going to stop them.  Tell ‘em that healthcare reform is actually a secret pact, so that they can actually give Black people those reparations they’ve been wanting so bad.  Tell them that affirmative action is just stealing jobs from good working class White people.  It has nothing to do with the history of this country at all.   Is Obama Kenyan for amnesia?  Because when people say his name they all of a sudden forget like the past eight or four hundred years. It’s crazy how that works.  In the end the Republican and Tea Party message is very simple and it boils down to this: Hey middle of the road White People.  Do you want to be treated the way that we treated Black people before?  No, then vote republican.

Did you read about Rush Limbaugh saying that a trip that Michelle Obama took to Spain, where she had like secret service detail and all that stuff, was like an example of reparations? Hey Rush, I just want to say one thing you: (singing) Go fuck yourself.

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