This Week in Blackness: Black Men Prefer Drug Dealing to Going to College

To anyone that pays attention, it is obvious that the Tea Party is racist.  In the latest example, Al Reynolds, who is considered the Tea Party candidate in Illinois’ 52nd District decided to share his opinion on Black men and college.

“I’ve been in the city and the dichotomy of the women and the men in the minorities, there is a difference in the fact that most minority women, either the single parent or coming from a poor neighborhood, are motivated more so than the minority men,” Reynolds said, when asked what he would do to increase diversity at state colleges. “And it’s a pretty good reason. Most of the women who are single parents have to find work to support their family. The minority men find it more lucrative to be able to do drugs or other avenues rather than do education. It’s easier.”

 Isn’t that just a stinking pile of bullshit?  I was going to write a response when Elon James of this week in Blackness not only beat me to it, but hit it out of the ball park.


Apparently there is a gentleman by the name of Al Reynolds out in Champagne Illinois, and he was explaining how to minority men, we find it way more lucrative to sell drugs than to get higher education. Oh my God, how did he find that out?  That’s been a minority male secret for years. Instead of getting all edjumicated and shit, that’s how we do.  We sell those drugs; we get that money – yes! I’m from Beside Brooklyn Center, you know like I sold drugs for like ten years, no what I’m saying?  No, wait, no I didn’t.  I never sold drugs.  Um, in all honesty, growing up I didn’t even know were to go to get drugs, you know. Is there a Costco for crack? Can I just buy this it in bulk?  Oh excuse me, can I get this big ass mayo, this fifty pack of toilet tissue and two kilos of coke?  Can I get all that here?  Wrap it up, I have my card.  Here’s the weird thing though, I’m not shocked by what Mr. Reynolds had to say. Oh, old White guy thinks that minority males would prefer to sell drugs than get an education – not shocking.  But this what we’re dealing with.  Al Reynolds he is actually the Republican for state senate in Illinois.  He used to be the head of one of the chapters of the Tea Party out there.  So when you hear people spazzing out — please vote, for the love God vote, vote, vote, this is why they’re spazzing out okay.  There are a lot of assholes, who are running for office right now and you can stop them. You have the ability to say, nope dumb shittery stops right here. I’m not – this is not a game for me.

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