Things White Gay Guys Say To Black Gay Guys

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I came across the following list on The Chronicle.  This is a site I believe you should check out, if you are not already reading it.  As a straight woman, I obviously cannot comment on the same sex aspect of these comments, but as a person of colour, I believe these incidents to be true.  As  a person who regularly negotiates multiple isms, I know that just because a person is oppressed in one area, does not mean that they don’t run amok with their privilege in others.

 “Would you mind if I held you down and called you my little nigger boy while I fucked you?”

“You’re cute-ish. Two genes away from monkey cute.”

“I love fucking black guys…they’re like animals, you know?”

“This site is obviously not for niggers. Don’t you read?”

“Would you be offended if I called your cock “niggercock”…?”

“I don’t date black guys. Only for like sex and stuff.”

“Haven’t you taken the hint? We don’t take nigger gays on our site!”

“I can’t wait to come to Brooklyn and fuck you…you’re gonna like it when this sweet white daddy fucks the shit out of your black bitch ass.”

“Is it true all Black guys have big dicks?” *lowers eyes to your groin*

“Not to be racist but….I’m not really into Black guys, sorry.”

“I once dated this Black guy, he had this HUGE cock.”

“I feel that the black community is keeping LGBT people from achieving our full rights as citizens. It’s like the New Civil Rights Movement!”

“Gay is the New Black!”

“You’re really cute for a Black guy.”

“The f-word is just as bad as the n-word!”

“I love Beyoncé! Aren’t I, like, an honorary Black now?”

“I think homophobia has more consequences than racism.”

“Hey, sista gurl!” *z-formation snap*

“Ohmigod, her tracks are a hot mess!”

“I don’t date Black guys. I only have sex with them. Haha, I’m kidding! But, really!”

“Look at this heffa, here!”

“I like black guys, but only if they’re mixed. It’s just a preference, not racism.”

“Just because he wouldn’t let you and the other 34756345638475 Black guys into his club, doesn’t mean he’s a racist!”

“There were these Black guys in the library acting, like, you know, the stereotypical N-word!”

“Mmm, yeah, fuck this white boy-pussy with that big cock you big black daddy”

“EW, he’s colored!”

 What are your thoughts on this list?  How does it effect your ideas on the sexualization of Black men and the way that race effects how they are understood?

Editors Note:  Please be aware that this list is a compilation of two pieces on tumblr.  You can find it here and here.

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