There Is More To Race Than Black and White

I know that this is a little shameless self promotion but I have a piece up at GlobalComment. This is the first time I have been paid for my writing and I am thrilled. The following is a little teaser…

In the current American presidential election, race has become a pivotal issue.  Obama is the first African American man to have a legitimate chance of becoming president of the United States.  Blacks and whites vacillate between a celebratory end of the racial divide, and the further entrenchment of racial hostilities.   The post racial world debate has gone mainstream giving rise to conversations that are long overdue. While we are continually refining the discourse surrounding race, what has become patently obvious is that the term people of colour stands for black.  The United States has a historical legacy of black disenfranchisement that clearly needs to be addressed. Slavery, Jim Crow, lynchings, and the rape and sterilization of black women have left a lasting legacy on the social psyche; however this should not erase other bodies of colour from our social conversations.  Neither of the candidates, nor mainstream media has made an attempt to specifically address the needs of Muslims, Native Americans, Asians, or Latinos. The aforementioned are the bodies that have become erased. Colour cannot and should not be solely represented by blacks. 

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