The Vampire Diaries Season Four, Episode Two: Memorial

In the woods, Elena and Stephan wake up together.  We get a flashback to Stephan and Damon arguing over a blood source for Elena.  It’s Stephen’s plan to get Elena used to animal blood right from the get go.  Stephan feels that if she kills someone, she will turn off her humanity. Damon believes that Elena cannot learn to control the bloodlust until she experiences the blood lust. Damon tells Elena that vampires eat people and that this is part of the natural food pyramid. Honestly, Damon’s approach is the most sensible.   Back in the woods, Stephan is trying to help Elena get acquainted with her vampire senses and as he touches her he tells her that everything is heightened, taste, touch, smell.  It’s not long before clothes start to come off but Elena has to pull back to spit up the blood she ingested.

Conner Jordan enters the pastor’s cabin and starts exploring the scene. In the oven he finds a letter addressed to April.

Damon is drinking at a bar when Liz puts a newspaper in front of him showing a reprot of what happened at the cabin.  Damon says that if he killed people that he wouldn’t have blown them up. Liz says that it happened from within.  Connor Jordan approaches Liz to talk about the fire.

Jeremy and Matt are packing up paper lanterns for the memorial. Matt asks how Elena is doing and says that Elena is a vampire because of him and he would like to pay it forward.  Didn’t we have enough of  poor Elena last week? April, who is Pastor Young’s daughter approaches Jeremy saying that she is not much for grief and then takes off to register for school.

Elena is on the phone when Stephan enters with a bottle of champagne from the year she was born. He believes that they should celebrate her first feed, even though it was disgusting and traumatic. Stephen admits that he choked animal blood down for a month before he could handle the taste.  Elena notes that Stephan is so happy, and he say it’s because she is alive and with him. Their kiss is interrupted with a phone call from Damon.

Elena shows up at the bar and asks Damon if he set off the explosion which blew up the town council. He denies any participation. Elena confides in Damon that she cannot keep any of the animal blood down and Damon points to different people that she can feed from.  Elena says that Stephen is right and that she has to get through this without hurting anyone. Is she ever going to clue in that she is a vampire?  Damon takes her into another room and then cuts open his hand. He tells her not to tell Stephan because blood sharing is personal.

Tyler and Caroline are having sex and she stops him saying that it’s wrong because a bunch of people died.  He points out that if they stopped having sex every time someone died that they would explode. Tyler tells her that he loves her and Caroline says that she loves him too.  The doorbell rings and its Connor. He asks Carol Lockwood about the explosion and she replies that it is an internal matter. Conner says that it was a cover up and he wants to know why Carol was not at the meeting considering that she was the mayor.  Tyler comes downstairs to see what is going on and when he shakes Conner’s hand his hand starts to sizzle. Conner pulls out a gun and shoots Tyler several times in the chest. On the ground Tyler opens his eyes, as Carol screams for him to run.  Hearing the shots, Caroline comes downstairs. Clearly Conner is town to clean up the vampire population, finishing what Pastor Young started.

Tyler is getting the slugs pulled out of him by Stephen, who says that the bullets were specially charged.  Tyler says that  Conner’s gloves had to to be seeped in vervain and he knew what he was doing.  Finally, a new Black character that isn’t a witch or a servant of the White population of Mystic Falls.  It seems that he is being set up as an antagonist though, so he is probably not going to be on the show for very long.

At the church, Matt is talking to Elena about how she feels. Matt points out that she didn’t have to volunteer but she says that she had to because people she’s known her whole life died.  When Elena sees April, she goes over to sit with her. They realise that they have not seen each other since Elena’s parents funeral. April says that she was  asked to speak but does not know what to say and asks what happens if no one says anything.  April believes that everyone deserves to have something nice said about them at their funeral.  Elena tells April not to worry because everyone in the town loved Pastor Young.  As Elena is stoking April’s arm, the blood list hits her. Elena just makes it to the bathroom in time to vomit up blood. It’s a complete mess because she vomits literally everywhere.

Stephen knocks on Bonnie’s door and when she does not answer, he says that it’s important and he can hear her breathing.  Bonnie comes to the door and lets him in.  Bonnie says that it was like watching her grandmother die all over again and that she is a mess. Bonnie asks him what he needed and says that she is okay. Stephen shows her the slugs and says that they burn to the touch and asks if the writing on the bullets mean something.  Bonnie says that it’s not magical.  Clearly Bonnie is hurting but of course she puts her pain aside to help Stephen.  She has lost so much but no one ever puts her pain first and I am so sick of how they are treating her character.  Because she is the resident witch she is nothing but a servant.

Elena is in the bathroom trying to clean up the mess and calls Damon, when Conner twists the handle trying to get in.  Damon shows up and when Conner offers his hand, Damon refuses to shake saying that he is a germaphobe. They play a little game of cat and mouse. When Elena leaves the bathroom, Damon tells Connor to enjoy his stay.  Conner then goes upstairs, and stabs Alice with a wooden stake.

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