The Vampire Diaries Season Four Episode Five: The Killer

This episode begins where episode four left off. Connor tells Professor
Shane that he spent the last two days tied up by Klaus. Professor Shane
admits that Klaus can be terrible and Connor reminds him that Klaus is a
vampire/werewolf hybrid and asks if he knows how hard it is to kill
them.Connor says that he could have used some help and information but
Professor Shane reminds him that the deal was that Connor would get
information about the mark after he killed more vampires.

Professor Shane says that this is why he sent him to Mystic Falls and
that there is a witch mixed up  in all of this that he wants kept out of
harms way because she is part of her plans.  Connor replies that if
anybody gets in his way they are dead. Professor Shane agrees
reluctantly and says that he will occupy Bonnie himself. Professor Shane
instructs Connor to do what he does because the less he knows about it
the better. Connor returns to the Mystic Grill where Jeremy works. He
sneaks up on Jeremy and tells him that they need to talk about vampires.
Elena is writing a diary entry and starts to by saying that she hasn’t
wanted to write this stuff down but does not want to say it out loud
either.  Elena admits that she is now a vampire and hates it.  At the
same time (cause what we need is dueling angst) Stefan is writing a
diary entry about how Elena has been spiraling since her transition and
how at times he barely recognises her.  Elena says she feels hopeless,
depressed and angry and Stefan writes about his hope of giving her back
her life.  Elena writes that she thinks of ending it but needs to find a
way to get through this for Jeremy.  
Stefans journal entry is interrupted by a text from Klaus which reads,
“we have a problem.”  Klaus is calling from a dig site in Italy and
talking to Stefan who is now standing over the chains which used to bind
Connor. Stefan says that Connor could be anywhere and Klaus says that
he has to find Connor and to be wary, because while he is Italy, Stefan
will have no access to his blood, which is an antidote to werewolf
bites. Klaus says that Connor is no good to them dead and when Stefan
reminds him that Damon is looking for Connor, Klaus is adamant that
Damon should be kept away because he cannot be trusted. Klaus believes
that Damon likes Elena better as a vampire. Stefan counters saying that
he trusts Damon more than he trusts Klaus. Klaus replies that he trusts
no one and that is why his sister is lying daggered in a box.  Klaus
reminds Stefan that the more they find out about the cure, the more they
will be able to go after it. Klaus suggests that nations have gone to
war for less. Klaus says that if  Stefan tells one person that he will
throw the sword into the Mediterranean.
Matt is opening the bar and calls Jeremy to find out where he is.  April
walks in and apologetically asks Matt if he has seen Rebekah.  When
Matt asks why she thinks he would know where Rebekah is, April admits
that she thought that Matt and Rebekah were a couple.  From a corner of
the room, hidden from view, Connor has a knife to Jeremy’s throat. Matt
says that he and Rebekah are not a couple. When April says that Rebekah
promised to help her investigate the fire that killed her father, Connor
steps into view, still with the knife to Jeremy’s throat and tells
April that this is the least of her problems.
Damon is in Elena’s bedroom, and Elena is not impressed to see him
there. Damon tells her that Stefan is not answering his phone and is not
there, which might be a big deal because they have a killer vampire
hunter on the loose. Elena admits that she has not spoken to Stefan yet
for the day. Damon asks for Elena’s phone to see if Stefan is dodging
him.  When she asks why Stefan would be evading his brother, Damon says
that Elena probably told him about what happened on campus. When Elena
makes a face, Damon realises that she didn’t tell Stefan. Elena says
that what happened was a mistake and that Stefan has enough to deal
with, trying to get her through this vampire stuff.  Damon tells her
that she is in a shame spiral but Elena denies it. When Damon calls
Stefan from Elena’s phone, the call goes straight to voicemail.  Damon
says that Stefan is either dodging the both of them, or he is in
Back at the bar, Connor orders everyone to sit down. Connor demands
Jeremy’s cell phone but Jeremy begs him to let April go.  Connor says
that both April and her father Pastor Young have everything to do with
what is going on.  Connor tells April that the two of them have history.
When he notices that Jeremy is wearing a vervain bracelet, Connor tells
him he needs vervain that no one can just take off him because he would
have been able to remember their conversation at Klaus’ yesterday.
Jeremy gets upset and asks if someone compelled him.  Matt points out
that if Connor knows so much, he should realise that they’re friends are
going to come for them.  This however is exactly what Connor wants
because each vampire that comes for them, is another vampire for him to
kill. Connor asks who he should text first?
Stefan, Elena and Damon are talking about what is going on.  Damon
suggests walking in there and ripping out Connor’s heart and of course,
Stefan cannot go along with this plan.  Tyler enters and says that he
called in the hybrids and Caroline enters shortly thereafter to say that
her mother has squad cars surrounding the bar now. Damon says that
there are no cops and no witnesses, so they should all go in.  Tyler
says that Connor shot him nine times and if they are going in, then he
is coming as well.  Elena adds that because Connor has Jeremy, she is
going as well.  Stefan tries to calm everyone down and says that no one
is going anywhere until he figures out what they are walking into. 
Damon is not impressed by this and asks how come he is the boss.  Stefan
reminds everyone that Connor is known to set traps and that they would
be silly to walk into one, especially if he has werewolf venom. Damon
says that if Stefan wants to do reconn, he has one hour and asks where
Bonnie is.  Caroline says that Bonnie cannot do magic but Damon insists
that Bonnie be called. Because Bonnie never has anything better to do
than serve the White people of Mystic Falls on demand.
Bonnie is with Professor Shane and she is thumbing through a book he
wrote. When she threatens to go online to discover his other books,
Professor Shane reminds Bonnie that she promised no internet or phones
during witch therapy. When Bonnie asks if Professor Shane really
believes that she will do magic again, he assures her that this is
possible and tells her to drink a tea he picked up while back packing
with Aborigines in Australia. Professor Shane tells Bonnie that what he
has in mind might come off as a little unorthodox and then asks her
about hypnosis.  When Bonnie expressed doubt, Professor Shane points out
the ridiculousness of practicing magic and not believing in hypnotism. 
He tells Bonnie that she is afraid to practice magic because the witch
spirits told her that it is wrong, that they threatened her Grams and
made her feel guilty and that she just has to confront the fear and
guilt.  Bonnie says that it won’t work because witches are naturally
immune to any sort of manipulation.

Stefan calls Klaus to tell him the situation and suggests that Klaus get
his hybrids on board with his plan.  From the window, Elena watches
Stefan and wonders who he is talking to.  Damon replies that he hopes
it’s Bonnie. Damon pulls out schematics of tunnels under the bar which
are from the Mystic Falls underground railroad. Elena gets a call from
Stefan, who says that he could only make out three voices and that Matt
and April are in there. Elena says that they have to get them out of
there, but Stefan says that he just needs a little more time. Elena says
she is going in through the tunnel but Damon stops her and says that
Connor does not know that she is a vampire and they should keep it that
way.  Elena plans to offer herself in exchange but Damon says that the
best cases scenario is her being a hostage and the worst case scenario
is that Connor figures out what she is and kills her on the spot. Elena
pulls away and demands that she stop being treated like she cannot
handle herself because Alaric trained her and she has been practicing
with Stefan. Damon replies,”So what? Now you’re going to take on a
professional killer?” When Elena continues to walk away, Damon grabs a
weapon from the bed and says, “bang you’re dead.” (Oh if only.) Elena
charges forward grabs the weapon and tosses Damon on his back saying, “a
head shot is no good, it has to be the heart, so now you’re dead.”
Damon moves the weapon aside saying, “For someone who doesn’t want to be
like me, you sure are good at it.”  Elena tells Damon that Jeremy is
the only thing holding her together right now. That’s an interesting
statement because she has barely spent two seconds talking to Jeremy
because she has been caught up in her live triangle with Stefan and

In the bar, April says that Connor is clearly delusional and Jeremy adds
that Connor is a nut and that April shouldn’t let him get in her head. 
April asks Jeremy if Connor told him why he is doing this and Jeremy
replies, “maybe, maybe I just can’t remember.” Matt tries to encourage
Jeremy to let it go but Jeremy gets up and walks over to Connor. Jeremy
asks about the conversation they had yesterday and Connor tells him that
they will get into and asks him to look at his handiwork.  Apparently,
Connor has rigged an explosion, which will kill vampires. Jeremy asks
what Connor gets out of all of this and Connor answers, that he has
realised that the mark has the answer to why he is the way he is because
the more he kills, the more it grows.  Once the mark is complete,
Connor says he will know his story and all of this will have meant
something.  Connor turns to April and Matt and instructs them to get in
the back but warns them that he has all of the other exists rigged.

Elena is looking out her window and Damon says that Stefan is on his way
and that everything will be over soon.  Elena reminds Damon that they
have already been through this with Jeremy and this is why they sent him
to Denver in the first place.  Damon says that they will just compel
him to forget and send him down to the Bahamas.  Stefan walks in and
asks if they found a map of the tunnels.  When Damon says yes, Stefan
says that they have to wait because Klaus is sending one of his men to
take the front and that he and Damon can take the tunnel. Damon is
shocked by this and asks why they are teaming up with Klaus.  Stefan
says that Connor has werewolf venom and that they need someone to draw
his fire and a hybrid will be immune to this. Damon is not convinced and
again asks why Klaus is involved and demands the truth. Stefan says
that this is the truth and that this is the best way to deal with the
situation.  Damon is convinced that Stefan is being compelled and so he
says, “screw your plan, I’ll just take out Connor myself.” When Damon
turns to leave, Stefan stabs him. Elena asks why Stefan is doing this
and Stefan replies, “Damon had the right idea with the tunnels but I am
not going to go in there, if I can’t count on him to do it my way.” 
Elena is still shocked that Stefan vervained Damon but Stefan points out
that Damon does not care about Matt or April. Elena insists on going
with him, but Stefan asks what happens if Connor attacks and Elena kills
him defending herself?  Stefan says that the guilt will wreck Elena and
promises her that this is the most important thing that he has ever
asked her to do.  They kiss and Stefan uses his vampire speed to

Downstairs, Tyler is arguing with the hybrid that Klaus sent. When he
leaves the room, Caroline notices Hayley.  When Hayley says that she has
heard a ton about Caroline and has been staying there for a few days,
Caroline is shocked. Caroline says that she knows all of Tyler’s friends
and has not heard about her and demands that Hayley cut the crap.
Hayley replies, “Yeah, I don’t do teen drama, take it up with Ty,”
before walking away.  That has got to be one of the best lines on The Vampire Diaries
in quite sometime. Finally they are acknowledging the teen angst but of
course acknowledgement doesn’t mean that they have any plans on

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