The Problem With the "InAPPropriate Comedy"

These days, a lot of what is referred to as humour really comes down to attack marginalized people in some form.  It’s not intelligent and it is not witty; it’s simply another form of masking hate speech and oppression.  Much of the time when marginalized people rightfully complain, we are told that we are being too sensitive and need to learn to laugh at ourselves, as though laughing at our own dehumanization will somehow ease the pain. 

Hollywood has a long history of making spoofs.  These are meant to highlight the ridiculous tropes in things like horror movies for example, but the InaPPropriate Comedy take this into a new level. Instead of just skewering a movie or movies, InaPProrpiate Comedy engages in racism, sexism, homophobia and ableism in its narrative.

With lines like:

  • “Go ahead make me gay”
  • “Is your pussy slanted” – referring to an Asian woman’s vagina
  • “I hope we go straight to the titties, not a lot of talking”
  • “I call your pussy Rihanna, because my dick is gonna beat it like it’s Chris Brown”

It seeks to offend every single marginalized group in creation. 

If that were not enough, the trailer also includes two White men attempting to get Black people to accept a free trip to Africa using chicken as bait,  an inter-racial couple declaring a Black man’s penis so large that it nearly dislocated her kidney and Adrian Brody engaging in jokes about anal sex, consuming semen, and of course hand jobs.  What else would expect from a gay Dirty Harry.  For even more details on the fail, please see The Angry Asian Man

When I first saw the trailer, I desperately hoped that this was some sort of ridiculous Youtube meme, but unfortunately, it is indeed a real movie, set to be released this spring.  There can be no point to this movie beyond being as offensive as possible.  This isn’t a spoof and it certainly isn’t comedy; it’s an all out attack on marginalized people.
The naive part of me hopes that the desire to produce this terrible film comes from a desire to teach people that these stereotypes associated with marginalized people are wrong, but the mere fact that this is labelled a comedy, encourages the viewer not to learn but to laugh.  Turning this into a comedy suggests that these attacks and stereotypes don’t negatively harm marginalized people in some way, or form the basis of our ongoing oppression.

When I see things like this a despair for humanity.  We are told by privileged people continually how far we have come but when I see things like InAPPropriate Comedy, I know that we have not traveled very far on the journey to stop oppressing people.  Movies like this are exactly why I don’t consume much of the comedy that is produced today.  There is absolutely nothing funny about engaging in oppression and from this brief clip, it is clear to me that there is no deeper meaning in the finished product beyond let’s so how many people we can offend for laughs and giggles.  The producers are clearly going for shock value to garner viewers but what they don’t realise is that all they are doing is engaging in oppression, which is something that is an everyday occurrence for marginalized people. I don’t need to see racism, sexism, homophobia, et al., played out on the big screen.  To see that, all I have to do is look out my front window.

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