The Great Tooth Caper

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This past week it was March break for my kids. When they came home for the start of their vacation, they promptly dropped their backpacks and forgot all about them until this morning.  The unhusband grabbed their bags to pack their lunches and happened to find an envelop of money in Mayhem’s.  The envelop said: “For Samantha’s mother, you sent nine dollars too much for pizza money.”  Looking at the note we simply assumed that Mayhem had gotten his hands on the envelop by mistake.

It turns out that this is not what happened.  On the last day of school, Mayhem had lost a tooth.  He is a very enterprising kid and promptly sold his tooth to Samantha for the change she was to return to her mother.  Nine buck is big money to a seven year old and certainly more than the tooth fairy pays around this house.  To be honest, I can clearly understand his reasoning, but I was not prepared for the absolute meltdown that occurred, when I suggested that he had to return the money because it was not Samantha’s to give him.  In Mayhem’s mind, he had rightfully sold his tooth and therefore he should get to keep the profit. When this did not work out, he said that he had sold his tooth to give us the money.  We said thank you and since you said that it’s ours, our choice is to return the money to Samantha.  Realizing that his shift wasn’t going to work either, he threw a fit of all fits.

Finally, we simply had to put our foot down and tell him that he was going to have to return the money.  We wrote a note to his teacher about the incident.  This of course was followed by an exceedingly long rant in his underwear no less about how we just don’t understand him, even as the time was quickly approaching for him to get outside to catch the bus. 

From Mayhem we have been told that we just don’t understand him, followed by stomping up the stairs and a good old fashioned door slamming. He has also recently grown fond of telling his father that he is ruining his life. I thought that we had a few years to go before we reached this stage but apparently Mayhem is already there.  What scares me is what this means for puberty. If he is stomping, door slamming and suggesting that we are ruining his life now, what is going to happen when his body is awash in hormones?  Yeah, I am looking for sympathy. At this rate, I might just have to move in with Sparky.

So, after he left, the unhusband and I decided to give him nine dollars to make up for the loss of his tooth when he returns home from school. Let the dollar shopping spree begin.  We will of course warn him about any money making opportunities that he should come up with in the future.  We are hoping that being compensated for his supposed loss will make the situation better for him.  I must admit that while this wrong for him to do, it was still a smart decision.  I wonder if he had a little auction in the playground and sold his tooth to the highest bidder?  Mayhem keeps me on my toes everyday and today, he probably gave me a few new grey hairs. So much for kids keeping you young I suppose.  Days like this are why I celebrate the school bus appearing and shuffling them off to school. 

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