That’s Gay: Conversion

Wow, I love Bryan.  I firmly believe that those who take on the label ex gay are in complete denial and are suffering in pain.  This is nothing but an internalization of the the homophobia that is far to socially rampant.  They wrap it up in cute euphemisms like “gay tendencies” in an attempt to deny who they really are.  In life you basically have two choices: you can either lead your life for others or make the choices that are going to make you happy.  Choosing to be an ex gay is not the path to happiness. 

Though Bryan’s commentary was light hearted, I wonder how many young gays and lesbians are watching these so-called ex gays?  I wonder how many believe that something is wrong with them because of the messages sent out by these harmful organizations.  The adults that choose this are one thing, but I worry for the confused adolescents that are just finding their way in life.   Life is hard enough without hating yourself because of the way that you were born.  Being gay is not any more of a choice than being heterosexual is; the only difference is that we have applied a stigma to one. 

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