That One Indeed

Of all the sound bites generated from the second presidential debate, McCain referring to Obama as “that one” is going to be the one that is played over and over again.  He might as well have called Barack boy.  It was insulting and demeaning.  Those two simple words were very revelatory about exactly the kind of man John McCain is.

When that commentary is added to his refusal to make eye contact with Barack during the first debate, and his refusal to shake Barracks hand at the end of the second debate, what else is the viewer to believe but that McCain does not believe Obama to be his equal?  He completely ignored Michelle during the meet and greet at the closing of the event as well.

The GOP party, and McCain’s lackeys have engaged in racism from the start of this campaign.  John McCain has denounced these attacks, but from his behaviour at these last two debates, how can we reasonably give any weight to his denouncement?

Maya Angelou famously said, “People will always show you who they are, and you should believe them the first time.”  McCain has clearly revealed to the world not only what he stands for, but exactly which bodies he feels matters; it would hubris to ignore this.  These are not simple unrelated incidents that have no basis in the race hierarchy of the United States.  His choice of address, his refusal to make eye contact, and his refusal to shake hands are all the acts of a man engaging in white privilege before the world.  Ask yourself if he would have treated John Kerry, or Ted Kennedy like that….John McCain your whiteness is showing.

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