Thank You Duncan Hines for the Blackface Cupcakes

Do I really need to break down why Blackface cupcakes are racist?   I sincerely hope that this commercial is a fake, because if not, it represents a direct attack on Black people. Calling them hip hop cupcakes in an attempt to be urban only further heightens the racist effect. Because of the history of racism in advertising, from Aunt Jemmima to KFC, I find it hard to give Duncan Hines the benefit of the doubt. Even though racism causes an inordinate amount of poverty in the Black community, advertisers are quick to assume that this means that Blacks don’t have purchasing power.  If this commercial turns out to be real, this is one Black woman who has bought her last Duncan Hines product.  If a company does not value my humanity, they don’t need my money. 

H/T Racialicious (BTW check out the story about the racist soap manufacturer)

Editors Note: The video has been removed from youtube and so I have replaced it with an image from the commercial.  

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