Terrence Howard Gets My Award For Daddy Dearest

image What a loving picture of father and daughter.  There is no doubting that Terrence Howard loves his little girl.  In fact he recently threatened to do violence on her behalf.  It seems that when Daddy’s little angel had the temerity to have a boyfriend, Howard demanded that the relationship come to an end, and threatened his daughters would be suitor.

She’s supposedly in love with some guy. I made her break up with him and I’ve threatened to kill him. I was like, you picked a green fruit from the tree that’s far from ripe.”

Yes, Aubrey is only 14 however, referring to her as a “green fruit” is inappropriate.  What is important to Daddy dear is that the precious family vagina remain pure.  When she chooses to loose her virginity is none of your business.  I wonder if he would be this concerned if he had a son instead of a daughter?  Watch out Aubrey, I have a feeling that Daddy may be purchasing tickets to a purity ball with your name on it.  Don’t express an interest in the opposite sex.  You are supposed to remain chaste and asexual until Daddy gives you permission to do otherwise.  In case you are wondering when that day might be, I’ll give you a hint… It will probably occur at your female enslavement day ( read: wedding day).  Yes Daddy will proudly walk you down the aisle, and transfer ownership of you to another patriarchal overlord. Yeah for innocence! Yeah for sheltering our children from their natural sexuality versus having a conversation about relationships, sexuality, and responsibility.

Terrence I think you are a wonderful actor.  I have seen most of the movies that you have been in.  I think you have issues though.  What were you thinking when you said this, “ I’ve set a lot of things aside for you, but those things are only yours as long as you’re obedient to me.”  What you are teaching your little girl is that subservience pays.  It is all about you, and what you can provide, and not about what she can earn for herself.  What more, you are teaching her to value commodities.  The only reason to choose not to engage in sexual liaisons is attain material items, and not because the relationship might be harmful for her for various reasons.  Bad messages Terrence…You earn an F in parenting a young black female 101.

“She’s OK now. Though, I’m sure he’s still kind of her boyfriend. This summer I’ll take her off to another country where her phone won’t work, and he’ll start dating someone else.”

Are you sure you don’t want to buy her a chastity belt while you are at it?  Yep she’s ok.  She has been suitably publicly chastised, and reminded of her inferior status as a young black woman.  Imagine thinking that she should make decisions about her body.  Imagine that she had the nerve to pick someone that Daddy didn’t agree with.  You made sure she won’t make that mistake again though, didn’t you.  After all, her future inheritance is at risk.  It seems that along with everything else that the female body represents, the hymen can now be represented by a $ symbol. Over and out, message received, and summarily rejected.

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