Tancredo Not Sorry For Comparing La Raza To The KKK

You would think that the White privilege would have choked off his oxygen supply by now.  Tancredo and men of his ilk are so desperate,  they are now simply resorting to blatant lies.  He is quite correct that there is a KKK comparison to be made but it is not with La Raza.

These right wing fundies make themselves more and more irrelevant each day.  It’s like they are on some sort of political suicide mission. It seems their resident house negro Michael Steele is unwilling to tell these fools the truth about their racism and their resident muppet Jindahl has gone silent.

Dear idiots: You have already lost the votes of Blacks despite your house slave and now you are proving your determination to loose the support of Latinos.  I know that you have invested your political future in the support of White people but you have failed to notice that times are changing.  There are liberal White voters that see you for exactly what you are.

Though I cannot stand the lies and the racism, I thoroughly encourage you to exercise your right to free speech and keep going.  The longer and louder you speak, you prove that race is nothing more than a social construction created to support the exploitation and marginalization of bodies of color.  Say it with me everyone:

A white man somewhere is being discriminated against whaaaaaa

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