A tale of two hoodies: Mark Zuckerberg vs. Trayvon Martin

Cheryl Contee of Jack and Jill Politics wrote the following article for The Grio.  I really think that you should check it out.  I am going to get you started and you can finish over there.

Star Jones recently pointed out the double standard inherent in how two young men wearing hoodies were treated in the public eye by the media. She was dismissed as just another angry black woman by others on the show, and right-leaning bloggers on the ‘net.

But does Star have a point? Trayvon committed no crime — he was merely walking home one fateful night after a trip to 7-11 for Skittles — yet was accosted by a stranger as suspicious in part, it’s claimed, because of his hoodie. When Mark Zukerberg wore a hoodie to launch Facebook’s public stock offering, he was praised as an icon of a new generation representing the best of American values.
We can see this mirror in law enforcement practices. Study after study shows that young whites are more likely to use marijuana than blacks or Latinos, yet blacks are at least seven times more likely to get arrested for the same offense. Mark Zuckerberg was probably not a victim of New York City’s terrible “Stop and Frisk” policy during his recent trip to Wall Street’s halls of power. But who’s the real gangsta here?

Some Wall Street analysts are questioning possible unethical behavior by Facebook’s executives and its partner Morgan Stanley in “selective dissemination of information” that gave insider knowledge to some large investors but not others. FB’s stock is being called “muppet bait for the masses” who didn’t know that Facebook’s quarter one earnings estimates had been cut mid-launch. The stock is now sinking like a stone in the NASDAQ stock echange. It’s not clear how much Zuckerberg himself knew about the alleged financial shenanigans and shakedowns. But we all must be left wondering — who would Geraldo name as the hood wearing “thug wear” now?

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