Swastika's and A KKK Snowman

I know that incidents of overt racism always make you so-called liberal race allies feel good about yourself, but every once and a while it is necessary to give them attention, if only to make the point that there is nothing post racial about the world we live in.

No, your eyes did not deceive you, that is a KKK snowman.   It was built by a White supremacist with a history of racist behaviour.  Apparently, nothing can be done about this sculpture, though it basically represents a threat to people of colour.  The sole purpose of the KKK, is to maintain White supremacy and they have proven repeatedly, that they are more than willing to committ violence.  They constitute a terrorist organization, but unfortunately since it is a group of White terrorists, there is no big push to talk about the threat that they pose.  Silly me, terrorist are Brown and wear Muslim garb, they certainly cannot be God fearing White folk – or at least that is what the media keeps telling us.

It seems the big concern is that his sculpture was holding a noose.  Hey, what’s the harm in a KKK snowman in a White supremacist state right?  The fact that it is located very near a school and that children will walk by it everyday is a bonus.  At least they will all learn from a very early age that Whiteness has its privileges.  And you thought that history isn’t relevant today.  All those years learning to praise a rapist president, have helped Whiteness to appreciate the necessity of getting White children to believe in their superiority at a young age.

There are times when psychological intimidation just won’t cut it.  How are people of colour truly to live in fear of Whiteness ( I know that Whiteness spreads the lie that people of colour commit the majority of crimes, but bear with me), if the good ole boys don’t follow through with their threats.  It’s the little things like dragging us behind cars, false rape accusations, occasional physical assaults and murder by the police that really keep us in line.  We already know that there are two justice systems when it comes to asserting ones rights, so why would White men be terrified to break the law?

What’s a little thing like branding a disabled Navajo man with a swastika and then finishing off by cutting a swastika design into his hair?  It is all in the service of White supremacy, so all is fair in hate and oppression. A disabled man of colour represents two oppressions for the price of one.  Yeah for racism and disableism. Writing “KKK,” `’White Power,” a pentagram and a graphic image of a penis just added to the fun.  After all, the man did have the nerve to actually exist in a space that apparently has been destined to be ruled by Whiteness, despite the fact that his people constitue the indigenous peoples of North America.  Whiteness has spent generations mutilating, murdering and colonizing Native peoples and therefore, what’s one more act of aggression to add to the list right?

But how can I be so cynical, the alleged perpetrators have been charged with “violating the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act and could face 10 years in prison if convicted.”  While I am thankful that the opportunity exists for them to get the punishment that they deserve, learning that Johannes Mehserle, the man who brutally shot and murdered Oscar Grant will only serve two years in jail, reminds me that justice that in this and every other case, always means the White man’s justice. Mehserle didn’t mean to kill Grant, so I suppose that no one should really be up in arms about another Black man who met his death at the hands of Whiteness.  If we could all just see the greater good and understand that though none of the historical power of Whiteness has dimmed and that poor sensitive White people feel under attack, sleeping would be even easier at night.  Can you believe Dr. Laura was protested against simply for saying the word nigger.  I tell you, activist are going to ruin free speech and make it possible for the darkies to live equal and free lives if Whiteness does not continue to escalate the violence, while calling us the criminal element.

Before you hit your keyboard to comment, stop and think about the nature of this post.  No matter where you turn in North America, Whiteness exists with institutional power that it uses to oppress people of colour. If you happen to be dealing with more than one area of marginalization, like the victim that was branded for having the nerve to be disabled and of colour, while eating at a McDonald’s, then the danger and the violence is multiplied. Don’t think that you can excuse yourself because 88 isn’t your favourite number.  Being White makes you just as culpable as the people who have made it their mission to ensure that people of colour live without equality, because you benefit from their actions everyday.  You may even have made a small effort by reading some Tim Wise, but unless you are actively and passionately fighting for the eradication of White supremacy, while doing your due diligence to get your anti-racism 101 on, then you my friend, are a part of the problem.

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