Suzy Feldman: The Fluffer

 I am an 80’s child and as such watched my fair share of Corey Feldman and Corey Haim movies. Last year A&E brought The Two Coreys to the air.  It is supposed to be a show about their relationship, and their struggling careers.   The pseudo reality show is now in its second season.  Much of the drama is dedicated to a supposed relationship break down between the two Coreys.  This is what is presented as the angst that is meant to keep viewers tuning in week after week.  Can the two Coreys heal their relationship?

Of course even as I am watching this I realize that I am consuming “junk food” for the brain.  This past week the show hit a new low for me.  It showed Suzy Feldmans photo shoot in which she posed naked for the first time. She declared it a milestone in her life… Yes marrying your 80’s crush, giving birth and showing your tits..all great milestones. 

I am seriously becoming sick of Corey Feldman..on and on he goes in his righteousness about child actors and animal rights but pimping your wife on an almost weekly basis, no problem.  We are constantly shown Suzy’s photoshoots with Corey standing close by with a camera of his own.  If this show is about male bonding why is it week after week we get the pleasure of Suzy Feldman splayed half naked across the television screen? Could it simply be that the producers of this show don’t trust the concept enough to run with it 100%, or have they just succumbed to the idea that anything worth watching involves female sexual objectification in some way.

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