Sunday Shame

I am a firm believer in pop corn for the brain. I spend a great deal of time dealing with serious issues and so when it is time to relax I quickly sprint to the other side and surround myself in absolute ridiculousness. 

Today I am openly admitting before all the world that I, Renee of Womanist Musings have an extremely serious problem.  It is one that the unhusband has repeatedly told me that I need a support group for.  He has in fact plotted an intervention and has mentioned on more than one occasion that I might just need some counselling.

I know that I am beating around the bush so with no further ado I will just fess up to my addiction.

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In my defence, at least I have not succumbed to the bachelor or the bachelorette. I simply just adore the contrived nonsense of reality tv. Yes, I know that these people have agents before they even set foot on the show .  Yes, I know that contestants are encouraged to sink to the bottom denominator to get ahead.  I just cannot help it…I love them.

Each time I tune in, the unhusband roles his eyes, clears his throat and gives me that you’re to smart to be watching this crap look, but somehow I just cannot stop.  They have a ridiculous hold over me.  I know that I am not the only one watching this shit or they would not be on the air.  So, all of you who share my addiction fess up and admit why. 

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