Sunday Shame: Worst Feminist Crush Evah

Some of you may be familiar with ohfilthygrandeur from her often spot on comments here, or her blog.  Today however, I am afraid that I am going to have to call attention to her for an alarming shame that she admitted of her own accord and then practically begged me to shame her.  I was tempted to give her a pass, thus resulting in not seeing her name in hot pink 18pt font, a dubious honour that Gus aka Allison McCarthy has become the queen of and Sparky the king of.  But then I thought about the absolute heinousness of whom she has publicly declared love for and I am afraid I really had to call it out for fear that she might be contagious and spread it to my feminist friends.   Feminism has more than enough problem without adding ohfilthygrandeur’s sin to it.  Now that I have built up enough excitement.. Mmmmm maybe not… drumroll please …… On my “Men that I would fight Sparky Over” post this week, Ohfilthygrandeur admitted to loving:

otherwise known as
i’m not sure i can ignore the spider-man movies…

personally i’ve already called dibs on Robert Downey Jr. sorry, my geekiness gets going over the Iron Man movies. no, they’re not particularly great, but they are fun, and i love me some Tony Stark.

When I read those words, honestly my mouth just dropped open like I was trying to catch a fly.  A self declared feminist, aka  ohfilthygrandeur declaring love for what is possibly one of the most sexist super heroes ever — that is if you can call Iron Man a super hero– was just the thing that Sunday Shame is made for.  Let’;s be clear, Tony constantly sexualizes women, and treats that them as objects for his pleasure but somehow there is something in their to love.  I will retire to bedlam first.  This far outstripping her previous admission of loving that annoying yellow sponge, yes Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Really, should one person have so much shameful passion?  Ohfilthygranduer did promise to fight back should I hold her shame up to a larger audience this week,, but seriously how can anyone defend this?  Here is the part where I ask you to weigh in.  Do you believe like me that this is absolutely indefensible?  While you are at it feel free to share your shameful superhero love and tell us why.

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