Sunday Shame: Ugliest Article of Clothing Edition

Matt has been a regular contributor for quite some time and has thus far managed to avoid being Sunday Shamed, however no good thing lasts forever.  Every Monday Matt hosts a question and answer session with his readers at Transfesto, his home blog.  On September 17th Matt was asked about the ugliest item of clothing that he owns.  A sensible man would never have answered that question honestly with the threat of Sunday Shame hanging over his head.  Perhaps he thought that this admission would go unnoticed by me.  Perhaps he thought he had some kind of immunity to Sunday Shaming.  Unfortunately for Matt, no one is immune from the spotlight.  Without further ado, here is the shirt that Matt admitted owning.

I know it seems like a regular denim shirt.  What could possibly be shameful about such an item?  Though most people have a denim shirt in their closet, how many have one with a dead fish floating on it?  What is the point of a dead fish?  Is it some sort of weird Soprano’s commentary?  Did I miss something?

Of course, nothing in my closet is that ugly.  I don’t even want to hear a word about my fabulous crocs or my adorable doggy slippers.  Those show character, which is more than I can say for the whole swimming with the fishes denim.  Matt, you are officially no longer a Sunday Shame virgin.  If you share Matt’s sense of bravery, share the ugliest item of clothing that you own in the comment section.  I am sure Matt does not want to swim with the fishes alone.

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