Sunday Shame: Twilight Vs Charmed

image I am sure by now, all of the regular readers are well aware of my vampire fascination.   Up until this point, I had avoided reading the Twilight series.  Reading the various critiques of the story around the feminist blogosphere lead me to believe that the books could not be redeemed.

I was in the drugstore when I noticed that the book was on sale for twenty-five percent off.  The unhusband, knowing my love of vampires threw it in our cart.  This was on Monday.  Since that time, I have actually read all four books in the series.  I was so caught up, that I went out in the rain and the cold (note: extremely bad for someone with fibro)  to get the last two books in the series.  Yes, yes, I suffered pain to get the last two books in the series.

I went as far as to take time away from the blog, so that I could finish the stories and even stopped talking to friends on the phone.  Even a short conversation would have cut into my reading time.  For a solid week I immersed myself in the world of Twilight…Here comes the confession:  I LOVED IT. Yes, it is filled with all kinds of problematic messages but I simply could not resist the lure of the shiny vampire.  Before you all start shaking your head at me, please remember that everyone does need a little junk food for the brain occasionally.  Most of my reading is academic or non fiction and so to slip into Meyer’s world for a solid week, was the equivalent of a calgon moment for me. 

image In my infrequent tweets this week, I explained my fascination; fully aware of the ridicule that I was exposing myself to.  I was shocked however when one person in particular spoke up.  Sparky, who you know from his regular commentary as well as his Tuesday column decided to weigh in.  Normally, I hold his opinions in the highest regard, even when I disagree with him.  Would you believe that the man had the nerve to wag his internet finger at me, in the full knowledge that he possess the entire series of Charmed on DVD.  CHARMED.  Let me say that again for emphasis, CHARMED.  At least my shiny vampires don’t actually rhyme when they speak.

Despite staring some very attractive women, Charmed was quite possibly one of the most ridiculous series ever to hit the air.  It would have been bad enough if he had confessed simply to watching them, but oh no, SPARKY actually owns a box set.  What in the world would make anyone dream of watching that nonsense repeatedly?   I may have read the Twilight series, but they will now take their place on my bookshelf next to my other vampire obsessions, slowly collecting dust.   I will not turn to them with a bucket of ice cream to escape the stresses of the day.  Did I mention that SPARKY paid his hard earned money to own this nonsense?  Yes, I am being repetitive but I felt I needed to make this point clear.

As our little disagreement grew, I realized that there was only one way to settle this.   I turn to you dear readers, to decide which one of us should truly be ashamed.   Is my shiny vampire love the height of Sunday Shame or has Sparky plummeted to an all time level of low with his beloved Charmed?   Let it fly in the comment section.

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