Sunday Shame: Trip Down Memory Lane

Once again I am forced to shame my beloved unhusband.  He found an mp3 player and discovered that it was full of eighties music and went into such a flashback state I thought he would never return.  He actually played:

Can you imagine my horror at having to listen to this song before 9AM on Sunday Morning, because the unhusband wanted to go down memory lane?  I could have forgiven him, but he continued to even worse sins.

I feel the need to remind everyone that it is still not 9AM and I shudder to think of what comes next.  The unhusband is having a perfectly good time singing, smiling and getting a little jiggy with his less than bad self, while the children are looking away for fear that they have inherited his weirdness.  I will admit to getting my freak on in various ways throughout our very long relationship, but never have decided to take a horrid trip down memory road BEFORE 9AM ON A SUNDAY.  Good heaven. I think that this is shameful behaviour and violates some unwritten code of sharing a domicile together.  He is absolutely oblivious to my complaints and continues down this weird trip that I would normally believe was alcohol induced, were it not for the fact that it is 9AM on a SUNDAY MORNING.  I do believe I have registered my complaint fully and so now dear reader, I must ask, is this not some sort of gross behaviour that absolutely required shaming?   The unhusband is of course delighted with himself.

So, feel free to weigh in on this one and while you are at it, share the worse way someone has woken you up, or the worse way you have woken someone else up.  And if like me you are not a morning person, feel free to list the trials and tribulations of living with someone who is.

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