Sunday Shame: Thong Thong Thong Thong Thong


Here’s the deal, after almost twenty years together the unhusband knows that there are certain requests that I will never fulfill.  No amount of puppy dog eyes could force me into wearing underwear that comes with anal floss. The thong is a NO.  I am even more against it because of the knowledge that there is no male equivalent.

At any rate, in conversation with my girlfriend, she mentioned that she bought a thong after her boyfriend repeatedly stated how much he would like to see her in it.  It seems that Victoria Secret holds some real appeal.

So…it is a well known fact that women make less money than men.  This is compounded when you figure that women have to spend more for things like haircuts.  In fact, women pay more for all basic grooming than men, and we pay more for clothing.  When we consider that this is all coming out of a smaller pay check, it amounts to the impoverishment of women.

Here it is.  If a man wants you to wear butt floss a thong and you agree to be his model, I believe the money for said garment of torture should be coming out of his wallet.  He is the one that is going to get the visual jollies from the butt floss thong.  In fact, all lingerie that is desired should be purchased by the partner that is requesting it to keep things even.  They should not be seen as gifts and should most definitely never be given for birthdays or Christmas.

Okay, maybe part of my disgust is that anal dental floss thongs are decidedly unappealing to me but I do believe that my original objection should stand.  Normally, I would shame this person publicly in huge eighteen point font but because we are talking about butt floss thongs, I will hold back her name (the guilty party may now take a deep breathe) 

So, there it is dear readers, are you with me on this one?  Should the person requesting the butt floss lingerie be forced to cough up the money for it?  Weigh in, in the comment section.  While you are at it, feel free to throw in some commentary about ridiculous garments you have either been asked to wear or have worn yourself in a moment of weakness.   Just so you know,  I have had my own moments of silliness in an attempt to look sexy, mine includes a ridiculous feather thing that ended up being so itchy, that it was irritating long before I could even feel like the hottie that I am.

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