Sunday Shame: Teenage Angst Edition

Destruction is turning nine in May.  I know it is early but I highly suspect that he has already started the evil process of puberty.  Yes, the chickens have come home to roost and prepubescent angst rules my household.  He has yet to get to the sulky stage where you play the same songs, repeatedly raging at the world around you but I know that it is coming.  As I was contemplating the evils of puberty, it made me think about the songs I used to listen to when I was a walking hormone without a coherent thought in my head.

and of course since I have always been a faithful girl the other song I raged to was:

To this day I still know all of the words to both of these songs and have been known to belt them out at Karaoke or in the shower.  Yes, I sing Karaoke, laugh, get it out of your system, move on. 

I was a child of the eighties and so you know musically there were not a lot of options.  It was big hair all the way.  Today the moody sulky music has much advanced beyond Tears for Fears, but at the time no one better expressed the agony of my teenage years.  Of course at the time I had to listen them separately because I was supposed to be listening to Big Daddy Kane and LL Cool J while working on my ridiculous swagger.  Yep, I was cool, baggy red harem pants and enough angst to be just beyond irritating.   EMO

Okay, now that I have revealed my teenage shame, it’s your turn to share.  What music where you listening to in your youth that you felt best expressed your teenage angst.   Let the hairspray fly (for those of you in my generation) or the blackness of goth or whatever you thing was in the comment section.

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