Sunday Shame: Suffering For Love Edition

Well, Valentines day is today and so I thought that it would be a great day to talk about the things with we put up with for love.  We all do it.  They may be small compromises but they are definitely compromises.   Even as you are performing said task, you know that there is not another being on the planet for which you would be willing to make such a compromise.  It is because we love this person or group of people that we put up with these little indiscretions.

image If you follow me on twitter, you are well aware of the unhusband’s penchant for destroying perfectly good meat.  Really, I don’t know what pork or beef have ever done to him, to cause him to abuse them so.   Last night he made a roast for dinner.  When it read rare on the meat thermometer, I told him to take it out of the oven.  Meat must have some red in it to maintain its flavour otherwise you have a dried out flavourless carcass.   Fortunately, he decided to remove the roast when it got to medium rather than well done.  I will say that the roast was still tender but not as great as it would have been had it been rare.  No matter how hard I try, I cannot convince him of this very simple truth. 

When he bbq’s my steak, he invariably turns it into a piece of cardboard or serves the steak blue. Umm yuck, there is a difference between blue and rare.  Yet when I watch Bobby Flay, the master of the BBQ, he has the nerve to scoff.  You would think that he might just be able to take a tip or two from a man that has been very successful grilling food; however, when it comes to the BBQ, his inner caveman pride will not allow him to be taught.

Cooking has never been his thing and if the meal is edible, it is a huge accomplishment for him.  Due to my disability, my forays into the kitchen have become less and less.  Though I love cooking for my family when I am able, it causes me a lot of image physical pain to do so.  He usually will ask for directions from the kitchen about what temperature to cook things at, or how long something has to be in the oven.   This week he admitted the ultimate shame, whatever temperature I give him, he increases it by twenty-five degrees. Yes, you read that right, twenty-five degrees.  Is it really any wonder that the meat is always like shoe leather? Chicken in particular does not do well when cooked like this.  Of course, he has still failed to make the connection between the temperature and the texture of meat.

Then of course there is the destruction that he creates in the kitchen to make these meals of dubious consumption.  I mean really, is it necessary to have the kitchen look like a tornado went through it to cook a simple meal?  This morning I walked into the kitchen to make my tea and made my escape as quickly as possible.  I agree that the person who cooks should not have to clean the kitchen, but isn’t that rule predicated on the unspoken agreement that the cook does not lose hir ever loving mind and turn the kitchen into a disaster zone?

Now I suppose I could let all of this go, if it were not for the fact that he occasionally insists on getting inventive with food.  There has to be a rule about experimenting before you master the basics and if there isn’t one, I demand it be created immediately.  The unhusband just loves to insert curry where it does not belong.   Not every meal needs to include a touch of curry, no matter how much you like that particular seasoning.  One meal that for me  is particularly memorable, is the scrambled eggs, shrimp with a touch of curry and thousand island salad dressing concoction.  Try and picture that for a moment; now imagine eating that.

I love my unhusband because he is a good man but honestly, if I could take away his kitchen duties forever I would.  He is wonderful at many things but cooking is just something he was never meant to do.  I know you are going to read this and so I will say I’m sorry darling, but it’s the hard truth.  See what I put up with for love?

So in honour of Valentines Day, I thought we could comment about how we suffer for love.  What annoying little habit does your Beloved have that drives you around the bend?  It could be anything from leaving crumbs on the counter to folding the laundry “the wrong way”.  For those of you that are not paired up, please feel free to share your biggest pet peeve.  It may seem like a small thing but if it grinds your gears, now would be a good time to let it all hang out.

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