Sunday Shame: My Feminism Stops Here

image I am very much into empowering women to assert themselves.  As a womanist it is my belief that the gender card is often used to maintain patriarchy thus causing a society that is extremely unequal. 

As a mother it is my responsibility to raise my sons to be aware of the way we perform gender each day, and the effect it has on our decisions.  As much as possible the “unhusband” and I try to disturb traditional gender roles, so that the boys will learn that there is no task that is specifically male or specifically female.  Though I do believe that those that stand to pee should be responsible for bathroom care, (just saying) the tasks are pretty much divided equally.

There is one place however that despite my feminist politics I have drawn theimage line.  Yes I know it is illogical, and highly ridiculous, but I will not take out the garbage. That is right, I shamelessly pull the “I’m a girl” card out of my pocket, bat my eyelashes and look all pretty and sweet to avoid this task.  Every time I am called on it, I shamelessly announce, “I didn’t burn my bra I’m wearing it.

Yeah, I know it is wrong. Yeah I know it sets a horrible example but damn it I hate taking out the garbage…so I’m a girl deal with it, and you better not say anything sexist in response either. (that would be me childishly sticking my tongue out now)

Okay what small daily betrayals have you made to your feminist principles because you hate to do a task.  We all do it so fess the hell up.

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