Sunday Shame: Literary Edition

I have always been an avid reader.  From a very early age I discovered books to be a passport to wonderful places.  Today I don’t read a lot of fiction and tend to read a lot of theory but I have not forgotten the time when books were my only escape from the pressures of the world.

Just like everything else, my  taste in books grew and adapted as I aged.  I can now look back in shock that I invested the time to read the work of certain authors. 

Recently I was in conversation with a dear friend, Allison McCarthy, when I admitted to reading and enjoying two series, which she promptly announced were Sunday shame worthy.

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In my defence, I was 14 or so when I read the flowers in the attic series.  I was so naive that I didn’t even understand that the “sex scene” between Cathy and Chris was rape.  Actually I didn’t even get that until Allison McCarthy pointed it out.

As far as the left behind series; it was during my born again phase.  Today I admit that turning to Tim LaHaye and and Jerry Jenkins when one is beginning to ponder questions about God and religion, was probably not the wisest move but at the time I loved the entire series. 

Okay so there it is….my total and very public admission to reading and enjoying what are probably two of the worst series ever written.  I know that I am not the only one who has read some idiot spunk over the years and so I turn it over to you dear readers.  Share your shame in the comment section and don’t you dare leave me hanging out there without some support on this one.

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