Sunday Shame: Kids Movies

As regular readers know, I have a three year old and an eight year old.  My boys are really sweet little guys, when they are not driving me around the bend.  For most of the day I let them control the television.  Even when they are not in the room, I dare not change the channel because upon their return, I know I will be subjected to copious whining. 

Each day, Destruction, my eight year old subjects me to

imageMayhem, my darling little one has his own particular brand of torture.

 imageWho says kids are nice to their parents?  This nonsense is aging me before my time.  The only good thing about the above shows, is that they can only watch them once a day.   Of course my boys are not content to torture me for thirty minutes a day each. 

 image image

The first time I saw each of these movies, I thought they were really cute.  I especially love Dori in Finding Nemo.  “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming”. Now that I have seen them for the zillionth time, I really just want to set the DVD’s on fire. Yes, yes I do.  The unhusband and I don’t even say the N word (read: Nemo) for fear that they will drag out the DVD. 

The unhusband and I have come to realize we have two choices; we can either hide the movies or break the DVD player.  My vote is to break the DVD player.  I know that if we hide the movies, they will eventually find them and the torture will begin again, or even worse; they could pick brand new movies to torture us with.  I carried them around for nine months, I’ve cleaned their poop, I’ve chased monsters out of closets and from under beds, I let them drag me around the neighbourhood Halloween night, stood in the freezing cold for the Santa Claus parade, kissed boo boos, read books that I cannot stand, and stepped on more lego than I can tell you, but I draw the line of being subjected to hours of kiddie torture at a time. Yes I said it, kiddie torture. 

There are some that would say that this makes me a bad momma but I say at some point self preservation has to come first.  Isn’t it enough that I have to hear Mom he licked me, kicked me or is mean to me?  Really, how much can any one take.  (Note: the licking wars are particularly gross. This must be the unhusbands genes kicking in.)  At any rate, what movies or television shows do you watch that drive your family around the bend?  You can also share the ways in which the viewing choices of your family irritate you. Yep, if you watch  soap operas, I expect you to own it.  Finally, if you have any suggestions for our Finding Nemo/Cars dilemma please share, as the unhusband and I are contemplating running away from home. 

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  1. Nelle says:

    I like to party, not look arelicts up online. You made it happen.