Sunday Shame: Hummer Edition

We haven’t done one of these in quite some time.  Sparky and I are working on a project, which you will find more about later and in the process we were discussing cars.  This led our not so beloved Sparky to believe that I needed to be Sunday Shamed.

Sometimes you think you know a person. You think you know their habits, their hobbies and the many things that makes up them as a person. But then you learn something – something so utterly horrifying that it rocks you back in your seat in sheer shock that this person you knew could truly think something.

That was me, traumstised in horror in learning that Renee actually likes this

Yes, the hummer. That hideously ghastly eyesore; that oversized, over priced monstrosity. This blight on the roads, this scrap heap on wheels, this proof that the human race truly has nothing but pain to add to the planet, this insult to any sense of taste with the carbon footprint of a small country. She likes it.

And yes, that is her colour choice as well.

I despair people, I truly despair.

Obviously I have to take into account cultural differences. In the snow bound, icy land of Canada, I understand transport considerations are very different

But there are limits to all reasoned tolerance. I knew eating cottage cheese and gravy couldn’t be good for the mind. I already had concerns for Renee’s obvious lack of taste when she said she liked those grossly awful plastic shoes (that should be banned by international treaty) but this? Clearly an intervention is needed.

So, I am left with no choice but to demand a Sunday Shaming!

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