Sunday Shame: Halloween Costumes

This week we went shopping for costumes.  I have yet to find one I like and am seriously thinking of grabbing a wig and making it up as I go along.  The baby picked out two costumes.  For his school costume he is going to be a knight in shining armour and for trick or treating, he is going to be Winnie the Pooh (say aww everyone).  My oldest is going to explore is swashbuckling nature and therefore Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean was his choice.  We managed to get the costumes picked out in just under two hours which is some kind of record for us.

As I went through the aisles I kept seeing the cutest dog costumes.

Aren’t they absolutely adorable? I kept taking small breaks from shopping for the boys to go down the pet aisle.  Finally I grabbed the cutest little princess costume you have ever seen and handed it to the unhusband.  Would you believe he had the nerve to laugh at me?  ME.  It seems he thinks it is silly to dress the dog up for Halloween and I believe since she is a member of the family she should have a little costume.  He then countered that it would be humiliating for Sookie. 

Since we could not agree I left the costume there, but I still have plenty of time to go back and get her one.  I think we need a ruling on this one dear readers.  I also think that you owe me one after siding with Sparky on the whole pizza on pineapple debate.  Is the unhusbad just sour pus with no sense of occasion, or am I over doing it? Let it fly in the comments and while you are at it, please share the weirdest thing you have done to or with your pet.

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