Sunday Shame: Gross Food and Outing Friends

I was in conversation with a good friend of mine (Allison McCarthy) when I admitted to a craving for………

image Yep, just scrape off the gross white fat on the top, grab some mayo and you are good to go.  Apparently this fell under the category of gross food for her and therefore she suggested that “I out myself”, on this weeks Sunday Shame.  For the record spam is a once every six month craving and yes, there are others who secretly have a stockpile in their kitchen cupboards.(Someone  in Louisville knows who I am talking about)

I further believe that there are far worse things one can eat than spam.  The unhusband loves to eat…

image  +image 

Yep, you guessed it French toast and ketchup.  Is anyone’s stomach turning yet?  Believe it or not, I can even top that one.  My good friend Monica of TransGriot eats…

image + image

Uh huh, your eyes did not deceive you.  Oysters and ketchup.  Seriously, between the three of us, I do believe my twice a year spam intake is by far the least offensive on the stomach.  Okay, you weigh in and let me know which is the least appetizing of the above examples or the food combination that you enjoy secretly, in full knowledge that others would find stomach turning.

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