Sunday Shame: Gender and Money Edition

Friday is payday and that means a day of rewarding  yourself for all of the bullshit that you put up with in the previous week. For my neighbours it can sometimes be a race to see who gets to the disposable income first.  Dustin R had gotten into an argument with his wife and the guys started to tease him about not getting laid for a week, when he announced that they were wrong.

You see, his wife had been to La Senza (the cannuck equivalent of Victoria Secrets) this week.  Dustin R declared that he never  complains about the money his wife spends when she goes to La Senza .  It seems that the benefits outweigh his inability to spend their disposable income on toys. Of course, he does not see the self serving aspect of this. I call sexism on this one. You Dustin R, are guilty of thinking with your penis.


I get how the idea of  new panties and a bra might seem appealing to a guy, but should you really be saying that sort of thing out loud?  If I were his wife it would kind of encourage me to buy some good ole fashioned head to toe flannel.  You know, the kind you change into when you decide that you are going to have a day on the couch stuffing your face with crap and watching “Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason.” I might even go as far as buying a bunch of granny panties and hanging them in the bathroom just to torment him, but then I am a shit disturber that way.

Also, the idea that new panties translate to sex, gotta say that is a  NO.  Even if she is your wife, you don’t get to make those kind of assumptions.  I know that even the most determined person is going to make sexist slip ups from time to time.  We cannot avoid it, because we are steeped in a culture that normalizes this — but really, doing a happy dance cause your wife went to La Senza  is just a NO

There seems to be some debate in the neighbourhood as to whether or not this qualifies as a Sunday Shame, and so I turn it over to you gentle readers to decide. And since I always encourage everyone to admit at least one shame a week, you can share the most sexist thing that you did or thought this week.  Don’t even try and pretend you are not guilty; even Gloria Steinem messes up from time to time.

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