Sunday Shame: Fast Food Junkie

We all know that fast food is bad for us.   Anyone who watched a few minutes of Super Size me cannot deny that a diet heavily based on fast food, is not in the least bit beneficial.   Even though most nutritionists would say that we should rarely to never consume fast food, most of us will succumb to a french fry or some other grease infested food from time to time.

image In conversation with the ever brilliant Monica of TransGriot, I have learned that when she is not busy avoiding making me the cornbread she damn well knows that she owes me, she is smacking her lips on some Popeye’s chicken.  In fact, in just about every conversation that I have had with Monica, she has somehow managed to work in some commentary about Popeye’s.  I am sure if the woman were to visit a farm, the chickens would start quaking in fear.

image Gus, otherwise known as Allison McCarthy is a fan of the Chulupa.  Gotta say as far as fast food goes, it does not get any more gross than Taco Bell.  I bet even the damn Chihuahua  that they formerly used in their advertising turned his nose up at their food.  Yet, Gus AKA Ms. McCarthy, does not have the good sense to avoid this place. Hell,  she’s a connoisseur and even washes the hot mess down with pink lemonade.  I guess you gotta get your girl on while you are killing your stomach lining. I am getting indigestion just thinking about it.

I wish I could say that I have more refined taste in fast food.  Outside of my Timmy addiction (which in my defence, is due to my Canadian upbringing), I image must admit to a love for McDonalds French Fries.  I know that they could probably survive a nuclear blast unscathed.  I know that they are terrible for my blood pressure and for my heart but something about those over salted, pseudo potato creations (in all honestly I can’t call something that does not degrade fries) call my name.  I am so bad, that I will go to Harvey’s for a burger and then travel to a McDonalds for the fries.

Alright, today you got three shames for the price of one, all so that Ms. McCarthy otherwise known as Gus, would not feel singled out.  So even though it is pretty obvious what the shame is this week, I shall spell it out for you.  It is time to fess up to the fast food that you eat, even though you know your intestines are screaming at you in mutiny.  This means the Dominoes pizza that you might crave when you are drunk or the ever popular sour cream and onion potato chips that keep breathe mint companies in business. While you are at it, feel free and weigh in on which one of us should be most ashamed of our fast food addictions.

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